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How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce? Chapter 22

Aunt Qin knew that Mr. Gu didn’t want to hide it from her. He should have told her this morning, but he didn’t have time.

She didn’t know if she could tell it so she simply led Zhao Xiaotong to the second floor.

There are six rooms on the second floor, three in the East wing and three the West wing. The Master bedroom is close to the stairs, next to it is the study. Aunt Qin took her into the innermost room in the East wing.

Today is a sunny day, and the room is very bright due to the sunlight coming from the window. After Zhao Xiaotong came in, she found out that the room is actually a storage room.

There are many photos inside, not only on the wall, but also in the closet and on the desk. In addition to the photos, there was also the awards she won in music.

Zhao Xiaotong’s eyes fell on a picture on the wall. The picture was decorated with a crystal frame and it looked extremely gorgeous.

What shocked her was not the luxury of the picture frame, but the woman in the picture.

The girl had beautiful short hair and her lower abdomen has a small bump. She was smiling, as she rested her arms in her abdomen.

The girl in the picture is clearly her.

Zhao Xiaotong thought she was hallucinating and stared at her for several times.

Her reasons told her that maybe she was fat or her abdomen was slightly swollen because she ate too much. However, in the next moment, aunt Qin picked up a photo album and handed it to her.

There are more than ten photos in the album, several of which seem to be candid picture of her. In one of the photos, her stomach was very big. She lowered her head and touched her abdomen.

Zhao Xiaotong stared at the picture. Her head was blank. After a long time, she squeezed out a forced smile: “Aunt Qin, don’t tell me that I was pregnant before?”

When Aunt Qin saw that she looked devastated, she regretted that she had told her too early. If she developed feelings with Haohao, would she be able to accept these?

However, at this time, it was too late to regret it.

Aunt Qin quickly cut through her confusion and said, “Haohao is Madam’s child. Now he is five years old. You see, this is a picture of Haohao upon birth. There are not only his picture alone, but also picture of your whole family.”

Although she saw the picture, evidence to her pregnancy, Zhao Xiaotong still couldn’t believe it.

Her head was in a mess. She stretched out her hand and grabbed her hair.

With a bit of rational analysis, she said: “It’s impossible. If Haohao is really my son, his age is not right. He is five years old, it means that I conceived him in the second semester of my junior year in college at the latest. However, in the first semester of my junior year, I was still single. How could I fall in love with Gu Jinhan in just a few months?”

Zhao Xiaotong couldn’t believe it.

Even if they really fell in love with each other, she didn’t have the courage to taste the forbidden fruit. If she really did get pregnant before marriage, her mother would have broke her legs.

The photos should be taken once a year. It not only records the growth of the little boy, but also the gradual growth of her hair.

There are more photos of her in the early years, but she appeared less and less in the later years photos. Although her makeup in the photos is well, she still looks very dull. She look like a doll without soul.

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
When she opened her eyes again, Zhao Xiaotong found out that she was married. She had married the man she's most afraid of and even gave birth to a son. Zhao Xiaotong felt that the whole world had collapsed. Every day, she secretly made two small plans: 1. Divorce, must divorce! 2. Straighten the crooked son as soon as possible Gu Jinhan, a business genius, possess a beautiful facial features, cold and dignified. He has created countless business myths. The most extraordinary thing he has done is to make a girl pregnant at the age of 20. Outsiders said that Gu Jinhan married because of his son, but no one knew that the marriage was calculated by him, so how could he ask for a divorce? In the dead of night, he pinched the girl's white and slender chin, and his eyes sank a little deep. "Do you really want a divorce? Huh?" looking at his slightly ferocious eyes, Zhao Xiaotong went still. "You can't leave, you will not leave me for all your life!" he smiled and kissed her lips. "Good." Zhao Xiaotong: Sobbing help QAQ


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