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Chapter 1- If you don’t buy candy, you’ll lose your temper

TL: The transmigrated MC was 10 years old before she transmigrated so the MC may be childish in some cases.


A gust of hot wind mixed with a pungent smell lingered. The instant noodles were also mixed with the stink of sweat.

Song Qiaoxi suddenly opened her eyes and saw all kinds of adults hurrying on their way with their luggage.

“Their dress is like from the TV series ‘My Lovely home.’ Where is this?”

She looked around with her nose wrinkled. Her eyes were fixed on the old blackboard on the right, on which wrote Monday, July 8, 1996.

There were several big plastic words hanging on the blackboard, “Qizhou Railway station.”

Was she dreaming? Why is she in the waiting area for trains?

She looked up at the tall roof and blinked in confusion.

All of a sudden, a red suitcase with “Double Happiness” written on it bump onto her. Song Qiaoxi was so frightened that she closed her eyes and shrank her head like a turtle.

It didn’t hit her head, but her hair was hooked by the suitcase’s zipper and she staggered.

“It hurts!”

With tears in her eyes, she touched her head subconsciously. Why were there two buns above her head? Today, her teacher should have tied her hair to a pair of ponytails!

Without controlling her balance well, Song Qiaoxi shook left and right like a little penguin and fell down to the floor.

She looked down and found herself dressed in a lemon yellow dress with a bowknot with the same color of the hemline. The dress was not long, revealing her two short legs that were as white as lotus.

It was not her usual dress. Her legs were not that short. Why did her hands become so small? There was a flesh pit on it!

In an instant, a huge amount of information poured into her brain.

An incomparably real set of new memories, like a new life, was imprinted in her mind. The old memories became like a long dream, and for a moment, she didn’t know which set of memories were real.

In her old memory, she was just a 10-year-old orphan who had lived in a welfare house in the northern county since childhood.

During the summer vacation, she stayed up late to read a novel from the ’90s left behind by her teacher. When she opened her eyes again, she became Song Qiaoxi with the same name from the novel.

The fact that she transmigrated in a book made her head aching. She was supposed to be a grade five student after the summer vacation, but now she suddenly became a child who didn’t even want to go to school from 23 years ago!

At the beginning of the novel, she was only 6 years old. She looked soft and cute, but her heart was black. When she grew up, she even became a “gangster” who killed a person accidentally.

Her parents spoiled her, and she had a happy and rich family, but she didn’t cherish it at all. She even hurt her family again and again.

At the end, when the original owner finally realized what had happened, her family had already been destroyed. The original owner died of poverty and sadness for the rest of her life.

All of a sudden, a woman in a white dress appeared in Song Qiaoxi’s mind.

A gentle and calm voice sounded in her ear, “Please help me take good care of mom and dad. Love them in my place…”

With her eyes wide open, she held her head like a duck. Her head was feeling unbearable pain.

Back when she was reading the novel, she really envied the girl with the same name as her.

She envied her for having parents, a happy family, and an overflowing love.

Why did they name her Song Qiaoxi? She could only live in a welfare house without parents or a home.

She used to hide in the corner of the welfare house countless times and make wishes secretly, praying that God could give her parents, and give her a real family.

If she had parents, she swore that she would be a good child, love them and be filial to them all her life.

Now, she transmigrated as Song Qiaoxi in the book…

“Does it mean that I, I also have my own parents, my own family?”

A lot of memories about her parents appeared in her mind, making her so happy as if she was floating in the clouds.

At this moment, she seemed to be pulled by a mysterious force, and a firm belief emerged in her mind. She had now completely become Song Qiaoxi in the original book.

Before she could react, she was interrupted by a cough.

She raised her head and looked at the thin boy sitting on the opposite wooden chair.

He was coughing heavily and his pale face flushed.

His long hair covered his eyebrows and eyes, but the clear outline of his straight nose and chin could tell that he was a very good-looking boy.

Why does he look so familiar?

Song Qiaoxi recovered her new memory and soon found the answer.

The boy’s name was Chu Jin.

They were neighbors who lived in the same community. He was one year older than her, and children of the same age as her treated him like a Prince.

In her memory, she hadn’t seen him for a year.

She knew that the Chu family was very rich. His mother always dressed him in a fashionable way. Even in summer, he had to wear an ironed white shirt and little shoes.

He seldom played with other children in the school. They said that he wanted to learn piano, calligraphy, taekwondo, and English

She looked at him again. He was wearing a sea blue striped blouse with a loose neckline, a pair of dirty blue and white cloth shoes, and a big schoolbag with bulging bags beside him.

She had never seen him so haggard.

But even though he was sitting on a wooden stool, he still sat straight. Judging from his temperament, he was more like a prince who was currently facing troubles like in the fairy tales.

After sitting on the ground for a long time, Song Qiaoxi felt her legs numb and found that Chu Jin was looking at her.

She called him excitedly, “Brother, brother Chu Jin, can you give me hand?”

A clear and soft voice was instantly drowned amidst the noise.

Chu Jin’s eyes were as cold as ice, which made Song Qiaoxi’s heart sink.

Children who grew up in welfare houses were good at reading people’s faces. They could tell from their eyes that this little brother would not help them.

Sure enough, Chu Jin looked away expressionlessly.

“Well, it’s better to take care of yourself than to ask others…”

The teacher of the welfare house often said this with a sigh. Song Qiaoxi mumbled as she pinched the same leg with her little hand.

Wait, Chu… Chu Jin?

In the second half of the book, a villain called Chu Jin appeared. He lost his parents at a young age and grew like a weed.

When he was a young man, he was a rebellious man and had a high IQ. He started from scratch and became a big boss in the business circle. His means of action were radical and tough. It was said that he could choose all kinds of methods for his interests.

Song Qiaoxi didn’t know what the word “capitalism” in the book meant, but instinctively thought it was a bad thing.

But even if she knew that Chu Jin would become a bad guy in the future, she was still grateful to him.

In the book, the original owner had tried to end her own life, and the leader of the villain, Chu Jin, had risked his life to save the original owner.

But now, he was just a poor little boy with a miserable life.

Thinking of this, Song Qiaoxi decided to forgive Chu Jin for not helping her. After all, when people are in a bad mood, they certainly didn’t want to do anything.

He must be very sad after losing his parents

Suddenly, she saw a shadow in front of him

A pair of big hands stretched out. In a whirl, Song Qiaoxi was held within the arms of a wrinkled face man.

The strong smell of smoke mixed with stench rushed into her nose, making her sick.

“What are you doing? I don’t even know you! Let me go!”

As soon as she came to her senses, she struggled hard and cried out in disgust.

The shouts attracted the attention of passers-by.

The man held her more tightly and said honestly, “My little baby is so stubborn that he will lose his temper if he doesn’t buy any food.”

The waiting hall of the train station was very messy. Some people were in a hurry to catch a taxi, some were carrying goods, some were smiling sympathetically at the traveler with a big brick, and some were looking at the vending machine and pretended not to see it.

No one cared about a naughty child.

Song Qiaoxi panicked and slapped him with her shorthands, but she didn’t have much strength at the age of 6.

She could only continue to cry, “let go of me! My parents are nearby and will come soon!”

A man held her and walked towards the crowded exit. With an evil smile, he said, “haha, you still know how to fool me? I’ve been looking at you for a long time, and I don’t need you to worry about me at all.”

Song Qiaoxi was on the verge of breaking down thinking that she will soon be a victim of human trafficking.

Tears streamed out uncontrollably.

Suddenly, she remembered that the teacher of the welfare house had taught her to look for the police when she was in trouble. She craned her neck and looked around in the crowd, trying to see if there was anyone in uniform.

“You are a human trafficker! The police will put you in jail!”

She said angrily and did not give up struggling.

“Little bastard, don’t be so blind! I’ll strangle you to death if you are still alive!”

The man gave her a hard pinch on her leg and threatened her fiercely.

It was so painful that Song Qiaoxi almost sobbed.

Her whole body was soft, like a doll, held by a man and squeezed out of the middle of the line.

The man took out a blue piece of paper and was about to step out of the exit.

Like god-sent heroes, a group of police besieged them from the exit.

“Police! Don’t move!”

“Put the baby down!”

With the help of the male policeman, a female policeman snatched Song Qiaoxi away.

With tears in her eyes, the policewoman trembled with anger. She patted her back gently to comfort her, “it’s all right. It’s all right, child. Don’t be afraid.”

In a twinkling of an eye, the kidnappers who wanted to escape were pressed to the ground by the police, and the bright handcuffs were placed on his wrist.

The onlookers burst into an uproar and discussed.

“Is he really a kidnapper? Fck! Shoot him to death!”

“TSK, TSK, TSK. I’ll have no descendants if I do such a thing.”

“Fortunately, she was saved. If she was an only child. Her family will be destroyed if she was kidnapped.”


In the arms of the police, Song Qiaoxi finally stopped crying.

She wiped her tears and said softly, “thank you, aunt police.”

“Welcome. But it was all thanks to a boy who came to call the police just now. Remember to thank him later.” said the policewoman.

“A boy.”

Was it Chu Jin? Leaning against the policewoman’s shoulder, Song Qiaoxi poked her head out and looked around curiously.

The policewoman turned around and asked a man with a cap, “Captain Li, where is the boy who called the police? I saw him just now…”

At the police station of the provincial railway station.

“Would you like some drinks, kid? Are you hungry? I have milk biscuits here. Do you like to eat them?”

It was the policewoman, who opened a pack of ‘Joy’ brand drinks, gave snacks and candy to Song Qiaoxi, who was sitting on the bench obediently.

“Thank you, Aunt police.”

Her voice was so sweet and cute, very charming.

The policewomen pinched her white and tender face and she liked it more and more. She smiled and said, “you’re welcome.”

She raised her hand and looked at the seagull watch on her wrist. It was 3:40 in the afternoon.

“Aunt police, where is the boy who called the police just now?”

Anxiety could be seen in Song Qiaoxi’s big eyes.

“Ring, ring, ring…”

Before she could answer the question, the policewoman picked up the phone. “Yes, the girl’s parents have contacted and are on their way here.”

After hanging up the phone, she shook her head at Song Qiaoxi and smiled helplessly, “I don’t know either.”

The boy who called the police appeared in her mind again, looking at the age of 7 or 8.

The boy had delicate facial features, carrying a schoolbag that was bigger than his body, running out of breath. His logic of thinking was mature beyond his age.

Where did he go in a blink of an eye?


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Transmigrated in the 90s as a little dumpling

Transmigrated in the 90s as a little dumpling

Score 2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Song Qiaoxi, an orphan, transmigrated in a book. She became a little child in the 90s, and was spoiled by the whole family. However, this child was filled with black thoughts, white on the outside and black on the inside. Song Qiaoxi, who learned of the plot, refuses to be the mischievous kid anymore. Isn’t it better to be a good girl with five stresses and four beauties with a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physicality, and art? Parents were surprised to find that the spoiled child was no longer michievious. Later, Father Song became a media magnate, Mother Song became a full-time professor, and spoiled girl turned into a little princess. She also grew up and she became more and more beautiful. She graduated from a prestigious school and was called the most influential new comer in the circle. *+*+* Chu Jin is the tragic villain in the book. His parents both died when he was a child. But right now, the future villain is only seven years old, a poor autistic boy with torn clothes and scars on his legs. Song Qiaoxi took out candies from her pockets and raised her hands high, “Here are some sweets, shall we be good partners?” The top business magnate in internet is Chu Jin, who possess a body and appearance are comparable to those of supermodels, which makes countless netizens and celebrity girls yearn for. Not long after, the young tyrant suddenly got married. The Internet was in chaos. Despite that, Chu Jin posted a marriage certificate with a caption: You are the light of my world @Song Qiaoxi.


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