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After squandering my money, I became viral! Chapter 1

Cheng Youyou died very strangely. When she was checking the balance of her bank account, her mobile phone suddenly exploded and killed her on spot.

Cheng Youyou was not afraid of death, but during the moment of the explosion, she could only see that there were ten yuan left in her account, with that, she felt very sorry to her self.

After her death, she came to know that she was initially famous in the entertainment industry. However, she became a stepping stone to the heroine’s early wealth accumulation. After the heroine’s capital accumulation is completed, she will become useless.

In order not to affect the later stage of the plot, the role of Cheng Youyou was done, and she is destined to die at the age of 23.

In the original Novel, the protagonist, Ding Yaxin has a money-sucking system. After the system was bound to the target, it will suck all the money that the target earned into the female lead’s wallet.

Cheng Youyou was the one who was sucked up dry.

Cheng Youyou became famous when she was young. She gained popularity in a historical drama with her brilliant acting skills. She had a bright future until… She was targeted by the money-sucking system.

After that, her acting was pressured by Ding Yaxin, and all her roles were replaced by Ding Yaxin. Because of the low exposure, she became more and more transparent in the entertainment industry.

Despite being in the circle for many years, Cheng Youyou didn’t make any money, and when she died, her wallet was empty.

Oh right, she still has ten yuan!

It may because of her resentment of “Being dead and her money has not been fully spent” was too strong, Cheng Youyou was born again.

“This is too Unlucky! All the variety show promotion Weibo posts were I contacted back out!”

As soon as Cheng Youyou woke up, she heard her agent Liu Meng frantic voice on the phone.

Cheng Youyou has no other problems except for her head being slightly dizzy. She glanced around and confirmed that she was in a nanny’s car.

Cheng Youyou knew that Liu Meng was complaining to her friend.

Liu Meng continued to be irritable and didn’t know that Cheng Youyou was already awake: “Today, we came to participate in the ribbon-cutting of the m mall, but guess what, as soon as she got down of the car, she was suddenly attacked by an apple. You said this is good, but why would an apple fall off the road?”

Cheng Youyou has experienced this inexplicable situation too many times. Fortunately, she knew the reason after she was reborn. It was not her that have something wrong, but the system.

But Liu Meng didn’t know, so she, who was very capable of business, doubted her life for a moment.

Liu Meng continued to talk on the phone, and Cheng Youyou had no time to take notice of her because she still have more important things to do.

Very good, she still has half a year left.

Then, Cheng Youyou glanced at the bank card balance: 150,000 yuan.

Even better, she still has so much money to spend.

After the two conditions were fulfilled, she came to the conclusion: Just squander. Before she die, she will spend all of her money, leaving nothing behind.

According to the settings in the book, she has only half a year left, so why did she need to save money?

Liu Meng is still on the phone: “Do you think I should find someone to check on her? She may be hit by an evil spirit.”

“I do not want.”

Liu Meng turned her head, facing the excited face of Shang Cheng Youyou, she was startled: “When did you wake up, why didn’t you say a word?”

Cheng Youyou stared straight out the car window.

“You heard what I just said, it may be the work of evil. I think you have to find someone to see it, you have been too unlucky lately.” Liu Meng continued.

Cheng Youyou didn’t answer Liu Meng at all, she directly sent out an important three consecutive questions: “Outside is the M mall? The largest mall? Everything?”

“Right.” Although Liu Meng couldn’t figure out Cheng Youyou’s thoughts, she still answered.

Then she went back to the topic she had just mentioned: “You need to tighten the budget on food and clothes, you can’t find a master if there’s little money.”

Cheng Youyou wasn’t listening.

Cheng Youyou has gotten out of the car and walked towards the gate of the m shopping mall, her eyes firm.

Liu Meng whispered in the back: “Are you listening to me? We really have to find a master to see you.”

Cheng Youyou hurried into the mall.

Liu Meng hurriedly grabbed the bravely forward Cheng Youyou: “The ribbon cutting is over. What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to shop, not for work.” Cheng Youyou’s eyes were sincere.

Liu Meng didn’t believe it.

Cheng Youyou is very dedicated. Even if her job is cancelled, she will be on standby at any time, for fear that Party A will need it again. Although… all Party A never looked for her again.

Liu Meng: “The ribbon-cutting is over, let’s go back. Besides, you still have to dress up when you come to go shopping.”

Cheng Youyou looked down at herself.


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After Squandering My Money, I Became Viral!

After Squandering My Money, I Became Viral!

Score 9.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Youyou became famous when she was young, but as years passed by she became more and more transparent in the entertainment industry. As the time she couldn’t make money continued, she died. She was only left with 10 dollars. After her death, she knew that she was a cannon fodder who was destined to not survive in the entertainment industry. The heroine of the original Novel has a money-absorbing system that can suck all the money Cheng Youyou should have earned into her bag. Only 23 years old, after Cheng Youyou was born again: I love it, but it’s a prodigal.   Reluctant to buy clothes, but she needed to buy! Expensive beauty spa, do it! Luxurious hair care, go! Netizen screamed: She! Is! Prodigal! Participate in variety shows, During the dragon boat race mission, the guests took out: oars, bamboo poles… Cheng Youyou: An electric motor, go!   Escape from the room, horror NPCs approaching, all guests screaming and avoiding but… Cheng Youyou chased the npc: Friends, your foundation is really white, where did you buy it? I also want to buy. Netizen: Cheng ​Youyou has really high traffic, hahaha Result: Sit firmly in the c position in variety shows and she will get the highest pay Received a very promising script, Result: The acting is extremely real, please look after it. Money sucking system: This is too difficult, Cheng Youyou has too much money to suck up, forget it. Cheng Youyou:? ? ? She didn’t die. Seeing a lot of zeros in the bank balance: Go on…Being Prodigal


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