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After squandering my money, I became viral! Chapter 2

Her clothes are not only ordinary, but also cheap and old-fashioned.

She nodded: “Understood.”

Cheng Youyou quickly found a women’s clothing brand store, the same women’s clothing brand which she never dared to set foot in her previous life.

Cheng Youyou was standing at the door, but still didn’t enter.

Liu Meng knew that Cheng Youyou dido dare to enter, she knew that Cheng Youyou was too stingy.

Cheng Youyou is an orphan. She has been in the entertainment industry for many years. She only wants to save money for herself. She is not willing to spend any money.

In the next second, she saw Cheng Youyou walking inside, first she looked toward the left, then after shaking her head, she look to the right.

It only took three seconds for the whole process, and then she said: “Wrap this, this, this for me! I will buy it!”

Liu Meng:? ? ?

The plot developed unexpectedly.

Liu Meng screamed to stop, and showed her the tag from a nearby dress: “Have you seen the price?”

Cheng Youyou look at the dress along the tag, and then snapped her fingers: “I like this, I will but this too.”

Liu Meng: …Cheng Youyou is crazy.

Liu Meng began to organize her thoughts.

She was ready to mention again the tragic situation of Cheng Youyou where she wouldn’t be able to make money and spend all her savings. However, when Cheng Youyou came out of the fitting room, Liu Meng choked.

Just… Cheng Youyou looks pretty in such a dress.

Bright and charming and the vitality of a young girl are united in her graceful posture. She was very beautiful at this moment.

Liu Meng has never seen her buy new clothes since she started managing Cheng Youyou.

Liu Meng has become accustomed to Cheng Youyou’s simple and rustic aura.

Cheng Youyou looked in the mirror, put on the skirt and straightened the collar.

Liu Meng thought, let her indulge once.

In the next second, Cheng Youyou waved her hands as if she drank chicken blood: “Next, go!”

Chicken blood= Energized

Cheng Youyou ignored Liu Meng, who couldn’t keep up with her, and went straight to a cosmetics store next to it.

“How much is your lipstick?”

“300 yuan each.”

Cheng Youyou nodded: “Oh.”

This time, she didn’t do a la carte shopping like she did earlier.

Liu Meng, who had finally caught up, thought that Cheng Youyou was frightened by the price.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Youyou said: “Then I will have one.”

The sales lady reconfirmed: “There are twelve in a set, are you sure you want this set?”

Cheng Youyou handed over the payment code: “Yes, I want to buy it.”

She knows too well. She liked this lipstick in her last life, but she didn’t dare to buy one because it was too expensive.

This time she wants to buy everything, everything that she wouldn’t want to buy in her last life.

Cheng Youyou picked a classic shade and put on the lipstick in front of the mirror.

With the lipstick on, she is even more beautiful, and her coquettish face became a little bit gorgeous.

Liu Meng felt in a daze seeing that Cheng Youyou had changed her personality. If she was just a dodder flower, now she was dazzling and too beautiful that people dare not look directly at it.

However, when she saw Cheng Youyou carrying twelve lipstick suits, she returned to her sense in a second.

She pulled Cheng Youyou over:” Before, I only know how to save money. Now, I want to spend for myself.”

Cheng Youyou said casually, her current thoughts were compatible with Liu Meng’s.

Her eyes followed another customer who was trying lipstick.

After hearing her words, Liu Meng sighed and said: “If you really want to spend money, it’s better to spend it right.”

“for example?”

Liu Meng came over near her and whispered: “You go to the master I said, maybe you won’t be so unlucky in the future.”

Cheng Youyou look at her with a questioning look: “No.”

Then she emphasized: “Not gonna happen.”

Cheng Youyou didn’t want to look for a master.

She knew that she in a novel. She had died once, and she knew her destiny had already been set.

Now that the destiny is set, it is better to enjoy every day instead of fighting meaninglessly.

Besides, she didn’t want to spend her money on a scam.

After Squandering My Money, I Became Viral!

After Squandering My Money, I Became Viral!

Score 9.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Youyou became famous when she was young, but as years passed by she became more and more transparent in the entertainment industry. As the time she couldn’t make money continued, she died. She was only left with 10 dollars. After her death, she knew that she was a cannon fodder who was destined to not survive in the entertainment industry. The heroine of the original Novel has a money-absorbing system that can suck all the money Cheng Youyou should have earned into her bag. Only 23 years old, after Cheng Youyou was born again: I love it, but it’s a prodigal.   Reluctant to buy clothes, but she needed to buy! Expensive beauty spa, do it! Luxurious hair care, go! Netizen screamed: She! Is! Prodigal! Participate in variety shows, During the dragon boat race mission, the guests took out: oars, bamboo poles… Cheng Youyou: An electric motor, go!   Escape from the room, horror NPCs approaching, all guests screaming and avoiding but… Cheng Youyou chased the npc: Friends, your foundation is really white, where did you buy it? I also want to buy. Netizen: Cheng ​Youyou has really high traffic, hahaha Result: Sit firmly in the c position in variety shows and she will get the highest pay Received a very promising script, Result: The acting is extremely real, please look after it. Money sucking system: This is too difficult, Cheng Youyou has too much money to suck up, forget it. Cheng Youyou:? ? ? She didn’t die. Seeing a lot of zeros in the bank balance: Go on…Being Prodigal


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