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I Became an Heroine Chapter 2- Debut after confinement

Debut after confinement

Jiang Yao was rescued from the brink of death by the doctor.

She was laying in the white ward by herself when she opened her eyes.

Fu Qing hasn’t returned from business meetings overseas, and the production was a week earlier than planned.

All of Jiang Yao’s parents live in far-off provinces.

hen Jiang Yao’s consciousness started to come back,《CEO Fu’s Lovely Wife》flashed through her memory as swiftly as a lamp. She gently sat up. Jiang Yao possessed porcelain-white skin, and long hair that reached her shoulders.

A pair of delicate hands were extended to hold the belly while it was safely emptied and flattened.

A nurse entered at this point and expressed sympathy for Jiang Yao’s awakening but noted that no one was present to care for her. Your nanny is out, Miss Jiang. Please ring the bell if you need anything.

The Fu family dispatched the nanny. She gave absolutely no thought to Jiang Yao’s life or death. She now went for a stroll to strengthen her bones and muscles.

Jiang Yao coldly raised her eyes and said with a weak breath, “No one is allowed to look at my children except me. If others touch my children without my permission, I will definitely blame the hospital.”
The nurse said, “OK, Miss Jiang,” and walked away.

The moment the nurse’s footsteps stopped, she heard a loud commotion coming from the ward’s door.

It is rumored that Jiang Yao nearly passed away during childbirth, therefore I was curious if this was true.

“It’s difficult to open your tummy to marry into a wealthy household.”

“Unfortunately, the Fu family doesn’t intend to marry her, even if there are three.”

The sick room’s door was not far from the window, and Jiang Yao could easily hear it from within.

If she is correct, a group of paparazzi should be present.

They blocked the door of Jiang Yao’s ward, but the person who wanted to interview was not Jiang Yao, but the big star Su Yang.

Su Yang happened to be filming in the hospital and learned that Fu Qing’s girlfriend was in crisis after giving birth to three children. She came to visit at the first time.

They blocked Jiang Yao’s ward door, but the huge celebrity Su Yang, not Jiang Yao, wanted to be interviewed.

Su Yang learned that Fu Qing’s partner was in trouble after giving birth to three children when she was filming at the hospital by chance. She initially paid us a visit.

Jiang Yao was aware of what would occur next. She made fast mental turns as she planned strategies to alter her destiny.

Jiang Yao is the antagonist who is place to contradicts the protagonist in the book. Having a good relationship with Su Yang might bring luck to the other supporting actors. Only Jiang Yao is incapable of luck.

She aspires to have luck like Su Yang, but not at the expense of overshadowing the main character!

Su Yang, however, is the main character. How is it that she can so effortlessly steal the show?

Fortunately, the antagonist frequently has a sympathetic face who shares the protagonist’s good looks, charisma, and disposition.

Jiang Yao turned around to see her suitcase propped up on the bedside table and climbed over it.

She clenched her teeth and endured the cesarean section’s cutting edge because of how painful it was. She hastily concealed her face after removing a few cosmetics from her purse.

The pale pink lips are dyed a little red, and the complexion instantly brightens dramatically, displaying complete energy.

Natural beauty and a solid foundation are assets, but assets must also be put to use.
After awakening, Jiang Yao was not as stupid!
At this time, someone outside the door shouted, “Su Yang is coming, Su Yang is coming!”

“What do you think of Miss Jiang giving birth to three kids for the Fu family before she dies?”

“Miss Su, will she be wed to a member of the Fu family?”

“The Fu family doesn’t appear to have sent anyone to look after them. Are they not happy with Jiang Yao?”

Su Yang smiled calmly in response to this inquiry, chose not to respond, knocked on the door, and entered the ward.

Su Yang walked over-enthusiastically and said, “Jiang Yao, you wake up. Are you okay? How do you feel?”

Jiang Yao saw that Su Yang was smartly dressed and wearing the hospital’s white coat.
A powerful sensation of replacement permeates the part as if a doctor actually approached Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao, who had a straight upper body and a decent appearance while suffering from the knife-edge, rested against the head of the bed and smiled brightly, saying.

“Sister-in-law, Is so busy filming and came to see me. I’m well.”

The door was blocked but not shut by Su Yang’s aide. She purposefully let the paparazzi from the entertainment industry to take pictures inside so that she could promote the new production.

“Miss Su, will you please have a look at this?”

“Miss Su has a solid knowledge of her position and “looks like a doctor.”

Su Yang, a well-known celebrity, is definitely accustomed to being in demand. She is not at least bothered. Next to Jiang Yao’s hospital bed, she is seated.
“I notice you seem OK. I heard the doctor mention that you have been saved for a number of hours. Fu Qing is still overseas and is unable to return. Your family is also out of town. I rushed to have a look after filming a play.”
Jiang Yao glanced at her and nodded as she considered a strategy for securing Su Yang’s advantage and attracting luck.

The scene was really astonishing when the two stunning women simultaneously entered the reporter’s lens frame. Jiang Yao is a morbid beauty with coldness and arrogance, whereas Su Yang is the cerebral beauty of a doctor.

Jiang Yao’s haughty and seductive smile could not be stopped, even when donning the sick mask, and the camera kept moving from Su Yang to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao is actually a pretty headline figure.
In the capital, the Fu family is the wealthiest. Records in the entertainment industry have been dedicated to the marriage of the two noble sons. Since Fu Qing fell in love with Jiang Yao, she inevitably came into view of the general public.

It is reported that she frantically gave birth to a kid in order to wed into the Fu family, along with five years of having three children in a succession.

The Fu family kept delaying the marriage.
It’s difficult not to start a rumor.

Jiang Yao is so beautiful. Didn’t she just come out of ICU? ” The cameraman looked at the camera. “She doesn’t look like a dying person.”

“We are here to photograph Su Yang” a female reporter standing on the side said.”

“But they also have to write about Jiang Yao. She has three children in a row but falls short of her goal of having a wealthy household. How can a stunning woman become a sow? ”

The reporters laughed at the cameraman’s remarks.

When Su Yang began to hear some disturbance, she told her aide to shut the ward door.

Jiang Yao abruptly paused and said, “Don’t shut the door; let them come in and shoot.”

The voices of those standing by the door abruptly ceased.

All eyes were on Jiang Yao.

Some prominent personalities, like Jiang Yao, who is a controversial subject, despise entertainment and paparazzi-like they do bugs and mice. She ought to turn down the camera more often.

Su Yang and his assistant all cast puzzled glances toward Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao flashed a remarkable smile. ” I happen to have news to share, so please come in, press friends.”

Therefore, everyone entered with a question mark.
In a direct contrast, Su Yang is overshadowed by Jiang Yao despite the fact that Jiang Yao had just experienced life and death, given birth to a child, and undergone surgery.

Photographers have been keen to capture the hospital breeze in their works.

Jiang Yao said to everyone, “I chose to make my debut and formally enter the entertainment profession after giving birth to three babies!”

All of the reporters raised their heads and were bewildered.

Su Yang was likewise taken aback.

Women who have had three children will often not be motivated to engage in combat in the entertainment business.

Jiang Yao has also outlived the prime of her debut. This year, she turns 25 years old.

However, Jiang Yao said that she will make her debut following confinement.

I became an Heroine

I became an Heroine

Status: Ongoing
Jiang Yao almost died when she gave birth to her third child, but she woke up at the moment of life and death. She lived in a novel and was in the control group of a pair of Heroine CPs. It is the villain who specifically contrasts and sets off the protagonist. In this book, the protagonists with the good fortune of being the main characters are Fu Qing's eldest brother Fu Feng and sister-in-law Su Yang. Only now did Jiang Yao know that she could not marry her lover, Fu Qing, even having three sons, and finally got a terminal illness and ended up tragically. After the awakening, Jiang Yao used metaphysics in the novel to open up another life. * The Heroine attended a press conference and instantly became the focus. Netizen: Who is the Woman dressed as a lucky cat? Jiang Yao: Life overcomes cats and eats fish. Jiang Yao became the protagonist of the conference. * *Big star Su Yang took part in the marriage show with the president's husband. Netizens took out magnifying glasses: look at Jiang Yao and Fu Qing coming out. Sweet to death, can the director cut this pair of a couple more? Jiang Yao: I never eat sweets. My life is already sweet A reporter interviewed Jiang Yao: Miss Jiang, are you still going to have your 4th child? Jiang Yao said without hesitation, "yes, this year." As a result, a small steamed bun came and knocked on the door at night, "Mommy, what did you say on TV during the day? Daddy asked you for it now!"


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