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I Became an Heroine Chapter 7

conditions for preventing a careers fall

The director yelled “Cut,” clearly pleased with Su Yang and the male host’s performances. Su Yang will take a break after Muslong’s part.

The crew scattered briefly after switching seats, and the supporters yelled Muslong’s name.
She gave Muslong’s child one more glance before turning around and walking away.

Jiang Yao was aware that the woman was offering Muslong one final chance and final chance.
Before you punish the other party severely, you must have given him a number of opportunities.

She was reminded again by the babysitter, “Miss Jiang, let’s leave.”

“Jiang Yao, it’s truly you. I was just going to visit you upstairs,” Su Yang called out as Jiang Yao nodded.

Through the crowd, Su Yang approached Jiang Yao and scanned the surroundings.

Su Yang was followed by numerous admirers and bystanders. “You look much better. Fu Feng and I have been too busy recently to see you.”

“Is it the sow who had three consecutive pregnancies”?

She did want to rely on the baby’s birth, but the Fu family refused to welcome her. ”

“She recently said that she was going to work in the entertainment industry. It’s hilarious! ”

“Are wealthy families that simple to marry into? Who is unable to have children?

Jiang Yao will always be compared to the protagonist as long as she is in the same circumstances.

“I won’t hinder your filming, sister-in-law, I will go back upstairs.” Jiang Yao said with a smile as he turned to face Su Yang.

“OK, you’re still weak. Go back and have a rest.” Jiang Yao believed she could end the comparison this time, but she wasn’t prepared for Fu Ying to interrupt.

“Jiang Yao” When Jiang Yao previously predicted that Muslong’s career would falter, Fu Ying’s thoughts on the subject persisted for more than ten days and did not go away.

Additionally, she had been getting persistent calls from that weird woman more regularly recently, which naturally upset her. Fu Ying, however, continues to hold to her belief that Muslong is being blackmailed.

When she saw Jiang Yao, Fu Ying’s heart once more had that feeling, as if she wanted to ask Jiang Yao for something even though she didn’t want to.

Since there was the coffee cart that Fu Ying’s eldest brother had given to his sister-in-law, she said, “Jiang Yao, come here, won’t you come and sit down with me and have a cup of coffee.”

Fu Ying means “intentionally exaggerated.” Inform Jiang Yao that Su Yang is also lavishly spoiled by Big Brother, it is not just the Second Brother who can be caring.

In front of the assistance coffee truck, Jiang Yao noticed a banner that was almost one meter high and featured a close-up portrait of Su Yang and Fu Feng.

“I have just given birth. Anything thrilling won’t be good for me. Goodbye.” Jiang Yao was so keen to leave.
“It’s not that there aren’t any moderate beverages there.” Fu Ying paused.

“Let’s move and take a seat for a moment.” Su Yang hastily gave her aide the command to cover Jiang Yao’s leg with the blanket.

A table was surrounded by three persons. For Jiang Yao, Fu Ying ordered a beverage. While  She was sipping coffee with Su Yang.

Jiang Yao made the decision to ask about the kids since she wasn’t discharged yet. Fu Feng, Su Yang, and Fu Ying all live in the vast manor of the Fu family, as well as Jiang Yao’s eldest and second son.

Mrs. Fu is rumored to look after the kids. She actually doesn’t have a lot of energy. On weekdays, the majority of the staff members—servants, nannies, and driver—are in charge of taking care of the two kids’ daily needs.

Su Yang stated, “Mom instructed tp enroll him at huangzu primary school and be in the same school as our family Fengfeng. It’s OK to take care of him. Junjun is in grade one this September.”

It’s not caring, it’s contrast. Jiang Yao thought that the eldest Junjun just compared with Su Yang’s son Fengfeng. So she said, “I’ll decide which school Junjun will go to. I’ll pick up the child in a few days.”

Fu Ying could only say, “Ah.”

“Jiang Yao, what’s up recently? You constantly want to pick up the kids; can you take care of three kids by yourself? Also, didn’t you say you wanted to work in the entertainment industry? Do you believe there is still time to care for children while entering the entertainment industry? What are you planning to do?” Fu Ying said with a smile.

“There is no problem between working and taking care of children now.” according to Jiang Yao, who turned to face Fu Ying with cold eyes.

Jiang Yao must bring the kid with her even if she is helpless to help herself in order to save herself the agony of comparison.

Fu Ying picked up the coffee cup and took a gentle drink before saying, “My mother won’t agree. How can she be sure that she will allow you to have the children?”

Su Yang: “I’m scared the youngster won’t adjust. It’s preferable for the boy to go back to his mother, but Junjun and Xiaoxi are used to living with the Fu family.”

When they speak to Jiang Yao, Su Yang and Fu Ying are unconcerned about her. Regardless of the approach, the youngster will still return to her!

Su Yang left Fu Ying and Jiang Yao alone after they had been conversing for a time and went to speak to Muslong.

Jiang Yao took a peek at the beverage in her hand. It was chilled watermelon juice, which was obviously inappropriate for pregnant ladies. It is obvious that Fu Ying was on purpose.

Why did Jiang Yao predict that the career of Muslong will collapse the previous time? Fu Ying eventually opened her mouth, still unable to contain her curiosity.

“I promised to assist you with your queries if you could only bring the two kids out. ”

“Bring Xiaoxi and Junjun to you?” It’s not hard to take two kids out to play, but it’s absolutely against restrictions for Mrs. Fu to take them to Jiang Yao!
The number of seconds used during the occasional video conversations is counted, and the duration is pitifully low. Mrs. Fu is eager for the children to never meet their real mother, Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao’s frigid red lips softly opened, “Yes. Just follow my instructions if you want to maintain your fiance’s good reputation.”

Fu Ying said, leaning back on the chair with her arms and grinning, “Ridiculous. I’m listening to your gibberish here. I’m truly insane.”

Jiang Yao coldly spat out, “Muslong has been secretly married and has a wife and daughter.”Fu Ying’s tongue is numb, it’s just like the phone she recently received.

“Who among the idol male stars hasn’t been the object of female fans’ fantasies? If that’s the case, then all-male stars’ careers have crumbled.” Fu Ying said, clearing her throat.

Jiang Yao’s words have always been poisoned, “You look like a brain-damaged female Muslong fanatic.”
Her portrayal in the novel is stunning, lovely, and poisonous.

Fu Yingqi wanted to ask, “What else have you heard?” but she didn’t answer, “You!”

Jiang Yao took off the blanket covering her legs and got up, saying, “The condition is to get Junjun and Xiaoxi to my side to avoid the downfall of his career.”The babysitter quickly moved forward after noticing this and was ready to assist Jiang Yao upstairs.

“You’re aware that’s not possible.” Fu Ying retorted.

Jiang Yao tightened up her coat before grinning as she turned to depart and gazed at Fu Ying.
Fu Ying felt the need to speak, but she was at a loss for words. She could see Muslong filming as she peered into the distance.

Jiang Yao noticed Fu Qing standing behind her as she turned around. Fu Qing addressed her with a stern face, “Jiang Yao.”

The babysitter was visibly terrified, and her entire body shook. Miss Jiang had been downstairs for far too long, she was aware of this.

“You have been downstairs for 26 minutes and 34 seconds.” Fu Qing went forward and remarked sternly to Jiang Yao.

I became an Heroine

I became an Heroine

Status: Ongoing
Jiang Yao almost died when she gave birth to her third child, but she woke up at the moment of life and death. She lived in a novel and was in the control group of a pair of Heroine CPs. It is the villain who specifically contrasts and sets off the protagonist. In this book, the protagonists with the good fortune of being the main characters are Fu Qing's eldest brother Fu Feng and sister-in-law Su Yang. Only now did Jiang Yao know that she could not marry her lover, Fu Qing, even having three sons, and finally got a terminal illness and ended up tragically. After the awakening, Jiang Yao used metaphysics in the novel to open up another life. * The Heroine attended a press conference and instantly became the focus. Netizen: Who is the Woman dressed as a lucky cat? Jiang Yao: Life overcomes cats and eats fish. Jiang Yao became the protagonist of the conference. * *Big star Su Yang took part in the marriage show with the president's husband. Netizens took out magnifying glasses: look at Jiang Yao and Fu Qing coming out. Sweet to death, can the director cut this pair of a couple more? Jiang Yao: I never eat sweets. My life is already sweet A reporter interviewed Jiang Yao: Miss Jiang, are you still going to have your 4th child? Jiang Yao said without hesitation, "yes, this year." As a result, a small steamed bun came and knocked on the door at night, "Mommy, what did you say on TV during the day? Daddy asked you for it now!"


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