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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 10.2

The movie king who was walking in front of her halted unconsciously after hearing her voice. But not nearly enough. As a result of being caught, the vicious and insane side of the obsessed fan was shown.


“Brother, I love you and love you so much. We’ll be together all our lives, okay?” With that, she held up her knife and stabbed hard Lu Jingdu in the next second.


At the critical moment, Ning Xiaoyu made the final sprint with instinct and then hugged Lu Jingdu. The two hugged each other, rolled fiercely, rolled down the hillside, and instantly disappeared in the picture of Shen Yue’s live studio. The audience in the live studio was stunned by this one. It took them a few seconds to react.


[is it a script or?]


[What script, Cao? Why are you so surprised? What is Shen Yue doing? Quickly seek assistance.]


[I was careless, I thought this live studio was boring, and as a result, I missed a big event?]


[I heard the anchor shout Lu Jingdu, so the one in front with a cap on and mask is the movie king?]


Stunned by this sight, Shen Yue immediately shook her hands, took out her mobile phone, and got through to the director of the program group. At this time, she subconsciously felt that the directors would come faster.


When Shen Yue asked the director to come as soon as possible with a crying voice, Ning Xiaoyu and Lu Jingdu had fallen to the bottom of the slope.


Perhaps because Ning Xiaoyu was making the cushion, Lu Jingdu didn’t suffer any injury. Instead, Ning Xiaoyu felt that she might have twisted one hand and one foot. She can’t move for a moment. Since she couldn’t move, she simply lay down with salted fish.


She couldn’t help but ask the love system in her heart, “what’s the matter? Didn’t you say that you’ll make me feel at ease?”


The love system pokes her fingers, [it’s unrealistic not to suffer any injury. I’ve tried to reduce your injury. And the sprain is not serious, and it can be cured in two or three days.]


Hearing this, Ning Xiaoyu was completely relieved. After tumbling, the violent shaking picture in the live broadcast room stabilized again. Ning Xiaoyu’s live broadcast equipment is the latest, waterproof, and fall resistant. It hasn’t broken after such a toss.


The number of spectators in her live studio has increased from 5000 in the beginning to 15,000 at this point, and it is still growing quickly. A few of her admirers are worriedly inquiring about her.


[what happened to the anchor?]


[God, why is Xiao Yu not moving? She shouldn’t aggravate her nerves. Is she incapacitated?]


[No. Xiaoyu, please speak quickly. I’m afraid.]


Ning Xiaoyu couldn’t see what they said, but fortunately, someone helped them ask the questions they were most concerned about now.
Lu Jingdu’s clothes were stained with dust and grass debris, and his sunglasses had been lost. He didn’t know where they fell. He looked a little embarrassed, but even so, it still did not damage his appearance and temperament.


“How are you now?”


Keeping her eyes securely shut, Ning Xiaoyu assumed a relaxed stance while placing her hands on her belly. In the concern that anything would happen to her after seeing her in this state, many viewers want to feel her breath firsthand. But in fact, Ning Xiaoyu is just too lazy to move.


Hearing Lu Jingdu’s words, she lazily opened one eye and casually replied, “no big deal, just can’t move for the time being.”


‘Can’t move’


Yes, Hearing the speech, Lu Jingdu’s expression was stunned, and then his eyebrows and eyes drooped slightly, falling into silence. The audience in her studio couldn’t help crying.


[Will the anchor truly be paralyzed if she can’t move?]


[it seems that Xiaoyu’s problem is a little big now. She just opened one eye, can’t she open the other eye?]


[in order to save Lu Jingdu, the price is really a little high…]


[If there isn’t anchor, the movie king is by now Dead.]


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Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ning Xiaoyu, an 18th Line star, participated in a variety show, she happened to meet a popular actor who was taking a nap in the lounge. The man leaned against the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, his long legs stretched freely. The afternoon sun shines through the glass windows and falls on him unscrupulously. His profile face was illuminated by the morning light, so handsome that he did not look like a real person. When Ning Xiaoyu was about to politely back away, a line of characters suddenly appeared in front of her [ Girl, do you want to be popular? Want to enjoy the sensation of being in the limelight? As long as you get the favor of the actor, you can have all of this. At the moment, the actor is resting in the room, you can; A: steal a kiss from the actor B: secretly take a photo of the actor’s handsome sleeping posture C: accompany the actor tenderly for ten minutes ] Ning Xiaoyu waited for a while and found that she had to choose an option. After that, she reluctantly chose the letter C option. The love system was so excited that it rubbed its hands together: Come on, girl! Then it watched Ning Xiaoyu sit down beside the actor, took out the melon seeds that she carried with her, and began knocking melon seeds. The love system that is waiting for the sugar hit: Something seems not right? ? ?


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