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I Became an Heroine Chapter 9 Try to draw lucky charms

Chapter 9 Try to draw lucky charms

Chapter 9 try to draw lucky charms


Jiang Yao has developed into a proper mom after studying and working out for more than 10 days


She continued studying new things on the internet all the time, including how to feed her kids, get them to go asleep, hold them properly, and handle certain situations.


Standing by the bed, Fu Qing looked at Jiang Yao’s busy coaxing the third child, changing the diaper for the third child by herself, and his eyes were full of love.


Fu Qing is not being ironic when he says things like, “Wife, you are so excellent that you can hold the kid.” All dogs are equal just in front of the’ so-called love’.


What a handsome, golden, arrogant man outside, he is willing to be a licking dog in front of his beloved woman – this is the netizens’ evaluation of Fu Qing.


“Wife, wait, I’ll take a picture of you.” Fu Qing said and took out his mobile phone.


Fu Qing’s mobile phone photo album is full of Jiang Yao’s life photos, closely recording her various appearances.


At this moment, Jiang Yao’s energy was all on the child, and she didn’t look up at him. Fu Qing took several photos of his wife and child with his mobile phone.


Finally, the third one fell asleep. Jiang Yao put the child on the nearby crib, and then looked up at Fu Qing. Jiang Yao received a little piece of cake that Fu Qing had cut off the cake after opening it.


“Wife, you’ve worked hard.” However, Jiang Yao was not hungry and was preoccupied with the thoughts of Junjun and Xiaoxi.


“Fu Qing, we’ll bring Junjun and Xiaoxi home once I leave the hospital in a few days.”With a smile on his face, Fu Qing grinned as he glanced down at the pictures he had just shot.


“Hmm? I’m busy with my work. You’ll have to look after the third, Junjun and Xiaoxi back. Who will take care of them?”


“They are now taken care of by nannies and servants on Mrs. Fu’s side. At least they have the love of their parents when they come back to us.”


Fu Qing put down his mobile phone and sat beside the bed, close to Jiang Yao. He reached out to help her lift the flying hair in front of her forehead,


“wife, my mother is the child’s grandmother, and she must do her best for the child. Don’t worry.”


“I didn’t say that Mrs. Fu is not dedicated, but that the child needs the company of their parents.”

Seeing Jiang Yao’s expression, he became more serious for a moment.


Fu Qing nodded, “I know, you must miss your child. A few days ago, I just added the WeChat of Junjun’s kindergarten teacher. We have a video call. Let’s see Junjun right away.”


Jiang Yao excitedly urges Fu Qing to talk. Soon, the video connection was successful. In the picture, a handsome unmarried man is sitting in front of a small table in the corner by the window, playing with a small toy in his hand.


As his name suggests, Junjun was blessed with good genes from his parents. His face is something to marvel at first glimpse, and he was born with the appearance of both a dragon and a phoenix.

The kindergarten teacher told Jiang Yao that the child was quiet and didn’t like making friends. He only liked the toy he held in his hand.


A few years ago, Junjun was able to talk to his teacher every day. In the recent six months, he has not said a word for several days.


Autism’s attribute is this. Jiang Yao was always concerned. Through watching the film, Jiang Yao attentively saw that the toy in Junjun’s hand was a fortune cat.


Mrs. Fu has received several responses from the instructor on the issue of the kids not being in their group. Mrs. Fu consistently ignores it, using the haughtiness of our kids as an excuse.


Junjun’s eyes wouldn’t raise when the teacher asked him to say hello to his parents in front of the camera. let alone respond. Junjun remained silent for the whole ten-minute exchange and didn’t even turn to face the camera.


At the end of the call, Jiang Yao immediately asked Fu Qing if he was aware of the seriousness of the matter. Fu Qing nodded and said he was aware of it. And promised Jiang Yao that he would pick up Junjun and Xiaoxi this evening and let the child meet his mother.


Hearing what Fu Qing said, Jiang Yao finally showed an expectant smile. When Fu Qing returned to work in the company, Jiang Yao picked up his mobile phone and brushed it for a while.


Just now she was picked up by Fu Qing downstairs, and Fu Qing’s watermelon juice on Fu Ying’s head was all hanging on the Internet.


Recently, Jiang Yao’s topic is still a very hot search. However, it appears that there is not much of a negative popularity prejudice. Some people say that the love between Fu Qing and Jiang Yao is very sweet.


More people questioned: so sweet not to get married? It’s sweet on the surface, but it stinks behind the scenes, doesn’t it?


Others found that when Jiang Yao and Fu Qing were together, they had never seen their eldest and second children.


Jiang Yao thought as he looked. Taking the two children back to him was also the key to reversing his bad luck


Then she called the babysitter, “go out and buy me some things.”


“OK, Miss Jiang, what is it?”


“You’d better go to the antique market to buy old pens, ink, paper, and inkstones, and then go to buy some yellow paper and cinnabar.”


Jiang Yao wants to try to draw her own lucky charm according to the description in her memory.


Fu family garden.


Fu Ying walked into the living room and met Mrs. Fu, who was going out after cleaning up and dressing up.


“Mom, my second brother is really crazy today.”


Before the fire went away, Fu Ying complained to Mrs. Fu again, “she threw me for the woman who can only have children!”


Mrs. Fu looked at her daughter calmly, “I’ve asked him to stop bidding for the science and technology building. Instead, you go bidding, aren’t you preparing the plan?”


“Really?” Fu Ying laughed after hearing this. The land of the science and technology building is large, and there is a lot of room for its appreciation.


Fu Ying said, “my sister-in-law is still powerful. She told me that good and evil depend on each other, and bad things may become good things. As expected, I still have to believe her.”


Mrs. Fu’s expression was still solemn. She asked, “how are you and Muslong preparing? The two families will meet formally soon, and the engagement ceremony will also be put on the agenda.”


Suddenly Fu Ying had a premonition bottom in her heart, “don’t worry, we are all ready.”


“Well, I hope Muslong is a reliable person, otherwise it will affect the image of our Fu family. Like Jiang Yao.”


Fu Ying recalled: “Mom, Jiang Yao needs to bring up Junjun and Xiaoxi since he doesn’t know what’s been going on lately.”


Mrs. Fu looked triumphantly and said, “Junjun and Xiaoxi don’t have a mother like her, didn’t you tell her? The two families are not at all on the same level, how can they allow their children to live there?”


In private, Mrs. Fu has educated two children over the years, saying they have no mother. At this point, Mrs. Fu’s phone rang, and it happened to be Fu Qing.


He first greeted his mother and said that he would go to the kindergarten in the evening to pick up Junjun and Xiaoxi and let them meet his mother.


Mrs. Fu is an old actress, and her voice is very kind: “well, the child has really not seen his mother for a long time. Go and pick them up.”


As a result, as soon as she hung up the phone, she gave the driver the order to bring Junjun and Xiaoxi’s two kids home before Fu Qing. To keep the kid away from Fu Qing.


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I became an Heroine

I became an Heroine

Status: Ongoing
Jiang Yao almost died when she gave birth to her third child, but she woke up at the moment of life and death. She lived in a novel and was in the control group of a pair of Heroine CPs. It is the villain who specifically contrasts and sets off the protagonist. In this book, the protagonists with the good fortune of being the main characters are Fu Qing's eldest brother Fu Feng and sister-in-law Su Yang. Only now did Jiang Yao know that she could not marry her lover, Fu Qing, even having three sons, and finally got a terminal illness and ended up tragically. After the awakening, Jiang Yao used metaphysics in the novel to open up another life. * The Heroine attended a press conference and instantly became the focus. Netizen: Who is the Woman dressed as a lucky cat? Jiang Yao: Life overcomes cats and eats fish. Jiang Yao became the protagonist of the conference. * *Big star Su Yang took part in the marriage show with the president's husband. Netizens took out magnifying glasses: look at Jiang Yao and Fu Qing coming out. Sweet to death, can the director cut this pair of a couple more? Jiang Yao: I never eat sweets. My life is already sweet A reporter interviewed Jiang Yao: Miss Jiang, are you still going to have your 4th child? Jiang Yao said without hesitation, "yes, this year." As a result, a small steamed bun came and knocked on the door at night, "Mommy, what did you say on TV during the day? Daddy asked you for it now!"


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