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I Became an Heroine Chapter 10 this poisonous and beautiful woman

This poisonous and beautiful woman

Chapter 10 this poisonous and beautiful woman


Jiang Yao was sketching red vermilion one by one on the thin yellow paper.


“I didn’t think the lovely Miss Jiang had such a pastime, drawing runes,” the tiny nanny said quietly to herself as she waited on one side. “I just can’t understand it, and I don’t know whether Miss Jiang is painting seriously or scribbling.”


According to the figure described in her memory, Jiang Yao tried countless times and finally drew it. After drawing the lucky charm, roll it up, make it into a small tube, and put it into the prepared pendant.


She made two, one for Junjun and one for Xiaoxi. In the process, she touched the red cinnabar all over his hands, and Jiang Yao didn’t care. Then she waited for Fu Qing to pick up the two children.


In fact, Jiang Yao also wants to make cakes for her children by herself, but in the hospital, the ingredients and places are really limited.


She plans to leave the hospital these days. This time Fu Qing picked up the two children, and Jiang Yao would never send them back to the Fu family.


In the evening, in the luxurious living room of the Fu Family Mansion, more than half of the family members gathered.


Su Yang, Fu Feng, Fu Ying, the boss of the Fu family, and Mrs. Fu are all there. It’s all because Su Yang’s two children, Feng Feng, and Yue’er, went to the province to participate in the children’s host speech contest this afternoon.


The two children won awards respectively, which was very excellent. Mr. Fu and Mrs. Fu sat on the sofa and looked at Feng Feng and Yue’er in front of them.


The two children took out the award of the little children and performed a poem recitation with full breaths. Their grandparents were so happy that they kept clapping their hands and praising them.


Mr. Fu gave a thumbs up, “With a distinguished father, the son is sure to do well. like father, like son.”


“We, Feng Feng and Yue’er have great talent as a TV presenters. This acting ability is almost catching up with your star mother.” Looking aside, there are Junjun and three-year-old Xiaoxi.


Junjun still bowed his head and remained silent, playing with the toy cat in his hand. Xiao Xi was still in an ignorant state at his age, eager to try and want to perform.


Mr. Fu said, “recently, Junjun and Xiaoxi learned what talents in kindergarten. Show them to Grandpa.”


Mrs. Fu stopped: “what can Junjun’s character perform? Xiaoxi is still young, so he can’t perform.”


Mr. Fu asked, “I found that Junjun has become less and less talkative recently. Is there any problem?”


Mrs. Fu: “the gene is bad, and it’s not surprising that something goes wrong. Look at how excellent the children of Su Yang and Fu Feng are. It’s a pity that Fu Qing’s gene is also very excellent, but it’s polluted by Jiang Yao.”


Everyone soon focused on Feng Feng and Yue’er. Mrs. Fu motioned with her eyes and asked the nanny to take Junjun and Xiaoxi away.


Junjun always follows the nanny dully, and Xiaoxi keeps looking back, wanting to play with her cousins.

Fu Ying, who was also immersed in the family atmosphere, received a WeChat message. She glanced at the content and her expression immediately solidified. Then she got up and hurried upstairs.



Jiang Yao fell asleep, holding the two pendants containing the lucky charm in her hand.

After waking up, she hurried to see the time. It was close to five o’clock. It’s time to pick up the children from kindergarten.


The nanny said that she didn’t have the heart to wake Miss Jiang up because she was sleeping too deeply.


Jiang Yao hurriedly called Fu Qing to ask the child if he had picked up. As a result, there was very unlucky News – there was an accident at the construction site in charge of Fu Qing, and two workers were seriously injured. He needed to go and deal with it.


Jiang Yao asked, “Did you have a conflict with your brother before this?”


Otherwise, why did such a major accident happen? Fu Qing thought, “in the afternoon, I quarreled with my brother about the bidding of the University of science and technology. Why?”


Sure enough, Fu Qing was turned into unlucky again. Jiang Yao told Fu Qing to try to avoid confrontation with Fu Feng in the future. The man promised, but she thought he had a bad temper and could do it.


After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yao leaned limply on the bed. At present, they are not lucky enough, and they plan to take the eldest son home is doomed to be bumpy.


The babysitter began to serve Jiang Yao dinner and heard someone knocking at the door.

The visitor is Fu Ying, with a worried face.


She went straight to the hospital bed and asked nervously, “Jiang Yao, did you really say that you had a way to prevent Muslong’s career from collapsing?” Originally, Fu Ying intended to follow Su Yang’s advice and chose to trust Muslong.


However, the plan did not change quickly. She just received a screenshot of Weibo at home. It’s a woman named Duoduo, who posted a long Weibo post, Stating she has a daughter from a hidden marriage with Muslong.


Now the man is close to the daughter of a rich family, so he filed for divorce and abandoned his wife and daughter.


The Weibo post is probably true. With a group photo of a family of three, the evidence is very solid. However, it was soon deleted by bloggers, but some sharp-eyed netizens gave screenshots.


So Fu Ying couldn’t sit still and came to find Jiang Yao. She always felt that Jiang Yao seemed to know something.


Jiang Yao took a sip of the soup while carefully picking up the spoon. Her eyes, which she picked up without wearing makeup, were captivating. One hand was nestled in the long hair of her ears. She ignored the distressed Fu Ying leaning on her


However, she said, “What about the terms I proposed?”


“It’s too difficult to bring Junjun and Xiaoxi out.” Fu Ying looked at Jiang Yao and said, “you don’t know how tight my mother looked at the two children.”


“So what are you discussing with me?” Jiang Yao provoked beautiful eyes. This beautiful and poisonous woman will help you for nothing?


Fu Ying was stunned by her poisonous eyes. Yes, Jiang Yao is not a virgin, nor is he a kind person like Su Yang.


Fu Ying quickly swallowed his saliva and pondered, “well… The day after tomorrow, there will be a hello K children’s clothing exhibition conference in St. Peter’s banquet hall.


Su Yang and eldest brother will take their children to attend, and my mother may take Junjun and Xiaoxi there.” Hearing this, Jiang Yao’s action of drinking soup slowed down. In other words, her two children can be seen at the press conference.


“I can get you an invitation card for the press conference. How about it?” Fu Ying stepped forward, “Jiang Yao, tell me everything you know about Muslong and that woman. In addition, are there any ways you can prevent his image from collapsing?”


Fu Ying is actually in a chaotic state but also needs medical attention. She does have a strong love for Muslong, and now that she has started the wedding preparations, nobody wants the guy to leave her.

What’s worse is that I think the Fu family would never let Muslong marry Fu Ying after his career falls apart.


Jiang Yao put down the spoon and sat back, “the other party has deleted the microblog, which means that Muslong has temporarily stabilized her mood. The day after tomorrow, I want to see Junjun and Xiaoxi, and when I will successfully take the child away and study Muslong with you.”


Fu Ying forced her saliva down her throat as she observed Jiang Yao’s venomous face. It’s quite concerning… Su Yang, her sister-in-law, has already provided Fu Ying with a suggestion at this time. Really, it’s difficult to handle this poisonous beauty.


“OK, I’ll try to help you bring Junjun and Xiaoxi out.” Fu Ying said.

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I became an Heroine

I became an Heroine

Status: Ongoing
Jiang Yao almost died when she gave birth to her third child, but she woke up at the moment of life and death. She lived in a novel and was in the control group of a pair of Heroine CPs. It is the villain who specifically contrasts and sets off the protagonist. In this book, the protagonists with the good fortune of being the main characters are Fu Qing's eldest brother Fu Feng and sister-in-law Su Yang. Only now did Jiang Yao know that she could not marry her lover, Fu Qing, even having three sons, and finally got a terminal illness and ended up tragically. After the awakening, Jiang Yao used metaphysics in the novel to open up another life. * The Heroine attended a press conference and instantly became the focus. Netizen: Who is the Woman dressed as a lucky cat? Jiang Yao: Life overcomes cats and eats fish. Jiang Yao became the protagonist of the conference. * *Big star Su Yang took part in the marriage show with the president's husband. Netizens took out magnifying glasses: look at Jiang Yao and Fu Qing coming out. Sweet to death, can the director cut this pair of a couple more? Jiang Yao: I never eat sweets. My life is already sweet A reporter interviewed Jiang Yao: Miss Jiang, are you still going to have your 4th child? Jiang Yao said without hesitation, "yes, this year." As a result, a small steamed bun came and knocked on the door at night, "Mommy, what did you say on TV during the day? Daddy asked you for it now!"


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