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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 16

In actuality, Lu Jingdu doesn’t need to be rescued he can escape the scene by himself, according to Ning Xiaoyu. She observed him from a distance and saw that he didn’t appear to want the drink.


“Have greater trust in The movie king,” advises Ning Xiaoyu and the elementary school chicken love system. He is not easily deceived by others.


[the love system looks sad: girl, the movie Emperor just played you a song “get up” yesterday. Now someone is going to attack him. Do you have the courage and integrity to refuse to assist him?]


Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t understand the connection between the two.


[the love system continues: Do you believe it’s customary to play “Get Up” to encourage you to stand up? You know, this song was specifically written by the composer to encourage his four-year-old kid to wake up.]


Ning Xiaoyu shook her head. “I don’t feel it.” soon, she answered, “does he want to be my father?”

However, she would never agree.


There are so many songs to wake people up. Why does Lu Jingdu play this one?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question cannot be given by the love system. It is estimated that only the person concerned knows why.


[love system:…]


[love system: girl, where is your girlish heart?! where is your girlish heart?!]


Ning Xiaoyu is too lazy to respond.


It gives Ning Xiaoyu advice, [I think you will choose C, but I really want to suggest you choose B.]


Ning Xiaoyu glanced at option B and said, “brother doesn’t drink much, why bother?”


[love system: What suggestions do you have, girl? The database that the system utilizes is outdated, possibly rejecting the general trend.]


Ning Xiaoyu has really seen a lot of “So-called White Flowers” in the entertainment circle. The essence of green tea is specious and misleading.


She thought casually, “you weren’t like this last night.”


It is quite simple for this phrase to be misunderstood. She and Lu Jingdu really just had dinner together last night with all twelve guests in attendance. Additionally, the movie’s Emperor didn’t drink last night and didn’t appear pleased with such wine.


“Yesterday, you C me.”


He actually only performed two piano songs yesterday, which prompted her to be on the hot search. The C word is quite spiritual, though. Is it another term for carry?


What other way is there to convey how deep and broad Chinese is? Anyhow, it’s simple to deceive others with a few statements if you have a little guidance.


Additionally, remarks like “you think too much, I mean” can be ignored.


[the love system is so excited that it turns into an avatar screaming chicken: girl, you’re very good at it! Let’s say that later! Let me knock candy until it explodes! There are less than six seconds to count down, girl, choose B quickly!]


Ning Xiaoyu stayed on option B for a few seconds Then in the excited voice of the love system, I chose another unexpected option. The scream of the love system suddenly stopped, [?]


Recently, the love task arranged by the love system is too frequent. Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t say it on the surface, but she doesn’t have any ideas in her heart.


Activate the love system’s enthusiasm, and then allow all of its desires to unfold. Tell it that salted fish has a temper too! It is not required for the love system to actively guess her host’s routine.


because she never follows the set pattern when playing cards. Ning Xiaoyu arrived at Lu Jingdu’s side, and the famous person remarked somberly while bearing a red face.


“You don’t even want to sip a glass of wine from me for the love of my brother?”


Lu Jingdu was expressionless, didn’t speak, and turned around and left. The celebrity held the glass and reached out to hold him. At this time, Ning Xiaoyu took the wine cup from her hand and then felt stuffy before the other two people reacted.


In actuality, choosing a… is decent. Wine is an excellent beverage. There are no additional negative effects, and the flavor is decent—sweet and lingering. She may also use the chance to continue being lazy.


The famous woman’s brain, which was first drowsy from alcohol, was immediately awakened when she saw that the wine she had particularly made for Lu Jingdu was being consumed by others.


She stammered in shock, “you… This wine is added…”


Ning Xiaoyu knew this for a long time and didn’t react at all. Lu Jingdu, who was on the side, heard this sentence, and his feet paused slightly, and his eyebrows frowned slightly,


“What are you talking about?” The famous lady pursed her lips, not knowing whether to say it or not.


Lu Jingdu’s tone turned cool. “What did you say you added to the wine?”


The celebrity looked nervous, “just add a little… That kind of thing.”


But she quickly added, “but even if it’s not quite that, I also drank it myself. It is irrelevant. Over an hour will pass after taking the medication.”


She was timid when she did something bad for the first time. She was afraid that things would get out of control at that time, so she chose the safest one. Otherwise, she didn’t dare to use it for herself and Lu Jingdu.


Lu Jingdu didn’t say anything. He grabbed Ning Xiaoyu’s arm and said, “go.”


Ning Xiaoyu feels nothing except a little hot at the moment.


She asked back, “where are you going?”


Lu Jingdu pulled her and kept walking, “go to the hospital.”


He didn’t believe all Xu Yan’s words. Who knows if she told the truth. She even used this kind of dirty means. This time, even if Xu Yan’s brother came by himself, he would never take this matter lightly.


When she got to the car, Ning Xiaoyu was not only hot but also itchy. She grabbed the clothes at her breast, and the whole person couldn’t sit still.

Lu Jingdu’s face was ugly. He noticed her movement and asked her how she felt. “How are you feeling now?”


Ning Xiaoyu thought for a few seconds and said, “to be honest, it’s not bad, just a little bit…”


Lu Jingdu gave a sound and interrupted, “I know, you… Bear it.”


Ning Xiaoyu had closed her eyes in the back of the car. Hearing this sentence, she subconsciously opened her eyes. Does he know? What does he know?


Lu Jingdu felt a little wordless for the first time. The space in the car was narrow. When he smelled careful, he could smell a faint smell of wine.


He pulled his tie. For the first time, he felt a little hard. He asked, “why to drink that glass of wine?”


In fact, there are many reasons——


1: The love system predicts that she will select C while aiming for B. She works in the opposite direction from how the love system anticipates, disrupting the line of sight. Lest she forgets, the work at hand will soon go beyond her capacity and expectations.


2: Out of curiosity. Unknown things always make people want to explore.

Of course, the main reason is one. And she knew there were no side effects, otherwise, she wouldn’t risk her own safety.


However, in the face of Lu Jingdu, I can’t say the reason.


She casually said, “Free of charge to assist in removing the assault and, incidentally, enjoy some fine wine.”


Most individuals place emphasis on “free and free,” which may be done in order to capture large fish for an extended period of time while allowing the other party to relax their vigilance for bigger plans and interests. However, Ning Xiaoyu’s statements convey the impression that she actually believes this in her mind.


Ning Xiaoyu did, however, assist him. Ning Xiaoyu found it more and more difficult to sit in the automobile as time went on.


Lu Jingdu’s thin lips closed tightly and said after a few seconds, “very uncomfortable?”


Ning Xiaoyu nodded, which was really uncomfortable. The driver in the front row looked at his mouth, nose, and breast. He didn’t dare to say anything, but his ears were bulging, and he was always paying attention to the drama of the rear seat.


One of the two had used drugs. Now, doing it is quite difficult. The driver is also interested in the subsequent development.


Lu Jingdu pinched his eyebrows, “you…” Lu Jingdu originally wanted to say, let her endure again. But. Yes, Ning Xiaoyu can’t stand it anymore.


He couldn’t help asking the driver, “how long will it take to get to the hospital?”


The driver was sweating, “it’s about three-quarters of an hour.” The hot spring villa is built in the valley, and the transportation is not very convenient. No way, the hot spring villa covers an area too wide, and can only be built in the suburbs.


Ning Xiaoyu endured it and decided not to, “can you buy something to eat first?”

Lu Jingdu thought for a moment that he had heard wrong, “what?”


Ning Xiaoyu licked his lips. “I’m too hungry to stand it.”


Lu Jingdu:




After Ning Xiaoyu drank milk tea and ate fried chicken, she felt that the itch in her heart had faded a lot. What to say, she was really hungry just now. Now, her whole body is struggling.


Ning Xiaoyu took a lot of food from the self-service table before. Unfortunately, she went to protect Lu Jingdu’s “innocence” without eating a bite.


She did pay a high price for the other party’s “innocence,” despite the fact that she believed they didn’t need her to save them. She hasn’t eaten in a while; shouldn’t she be hungry? She just can’t take it.


After eating and getting on the bus again, the driver in the front row couldn’t help asking, “how do you feel now?”


Ning Xiaoyu touched his full stomach, “I feel very good and satisfied.”


With that, she put her hands in front of her stomach, closed her eyes, and entered the salt fish time.

The driver wants to keep gossiping.


People somehow associate the period of salted fish with the time of sage. But all she did was consume milk tea and fried chicken?


After all, the driver completely ignored his curiosities and made his way to the hospital. The tests conducted in the hospital revealed that Ning Xiaoyu’s medication resistance was nearly completely gone.


In the whole process, Ning Xiaoyu was very calm. At first, she said she was uncomfortable, and Lu Jingdu thought it was


He had no idea that she was so famished that her heart was racing. There was absolutely no indication that anyone had consumed drugs. The doctor happened to be Lu Jingdu’s old classmate.


Lu Jingdu couldn’t help asking Ning Xiaoyu, “how is she?”


The doctor looked at the report and replied, “very good.”


Lu Jingdu frowned, “but she drank the wine with drug added into it.”


The doctor nodded, “Contraceptives can be used to treat some cases of acne, while brother X can be used to treat some gynecological disorders. The major impact of this medication is not sedation, which is what I mean when I say that Xu Yan doesn’t use one. Of course, this medication has a stimulating impact as well, but it is risk-free and free of adverse effects. The fact that individuals may easily use the effect is significant. ”


Lu Jingdu, “what do you mean?”


“Literally, Professor P says. If you only eat and drink in your heart and have a clear heart and few desires, the impact will be very small.”


Thinking of Ning Xiaoyu’s uncomfortable face in the back seat of the car at the beginning, and finally, after eating fried chicken milk, Lu Jingdu suddenly understood what the doctor’s friend meant.


He first misunderstood each other as well. So this is it in the end, then? Following this occurrence, Ning Xiaoyu’s character in his heart started to stand out more and more.


He probably can’t be compared to fried chicken in the other side’s heart. This was Lu Jingdu’s first encounter of such a kind. It was a little absurd and surprising.


The doctor laughed and joked, “it seems that your charm has declined.”


After ridicule, he said solemnly, “Well, she’s alright, so don’t worry. However, the Xu girl It’s time to give it some serious Treatment.”


It’s okay to take medicine now. Who knows what she’ll end up doing?


Lu Jingdu raised his hand and tidied up his cuffs. “I’ll have a good talk with her brother.”


Ningxiaoyu and Lu Jingdu return to the hot spring villa. After that, He soon received a notice from the director that she would be given half a day off tomorrow.


This also means that she can sleep in comfortably tomorrow. This may be punishment for others because they won’t appear in front of the camera during the holiday.


But for Ning Xiaoyu, it is not small welfare. Midway, someone came to inquire about the situation and asked her what happened at dinner.


Mu Jiajia also came to gossip for Ning Yuwei, “why did Lu Yingdu suddenly pull you away? You’ve been out for so long, what have you done?”


Xu Yan can’t be stupid enough to tell others about adding something to the wine, and Lu Jingdu can’t tell it out, but will choose to solve it in private. Ning Xiaoyu naturally won’t talk too much. So the other guests were confused about what happened in the evening.


She shrugged. “Nothing.”


Mujiajia had to depart with an itch after realizing she couldn’t effectively communicate with her mouth.


Shen Yue also approached her and inquired as to whether anything was amiss with her rather than speculating about what transpired between her and the movie emperor.


Ning Xiaoyu patted her on the shoulder and said heartily, “don’t worry, it’s okay.”


The next day, when Ning Xiaoyu naturally woke up, it was already noon.

After washing, she went to the restaurant for brunch.


It has to be said that the hot spring villa has a first-class environment, first-class food, and first-class service. It would be great if the program team could stay here all the time.


When she thought so, the love system suddenly said, “girl, your good thing is coming. Do more love tasks and act more. When you earn enough money, you can live here as long as you want? Girl, hurry up!”


good deed?


Every time the love system says so, there will be some trouble with it. Ning Xiaoyu would rather have nothing good happen.


She guessed right. When she took two plates full of food and just sat down to enjoy it, she suddenly received a business card.


“Hello, Miss Ning, I’m director Gong’s assistant. This is director Gong’s work number and contact information. Please keep it. Director Gong is very interested in your performance yesterday. If you are interested in cooperation, you can contact director gong at any time.”


With the words of director Gong’s assistant, the needle fell instantly into the whole restaurant.

Many guests present gave her a salute of attention.


The most obvious one is obviously from Ning Yuwei. She subconsciously looked up and soon saw Ning Yuwei with an ugly face.


Ning Xiaoyu took the business card, “OK, I know.”


Seeing that Ning Xiaoyu, a 16-tier star, received an olive branch from director Gong and behaved so calmly, the assistant couldn’t help looking at her more. He watched Ning Xiaoyu’s performance yesterday.


Ning Xiaoyu’s performance is thought to be highly brilliant and devoid of any performance traces since it is believed that she is acting in her real colors. Her performance is the most remarkable among the female visitors, and the entire performance is incredibly natural.


She is a genuine hedonist; other folks are not working elites or researchers. The role is neither excellent nor harmful in itself. Only her play fit the scene’s requirements. It can only be said that Ning Xiaoyu had good luck and happened to be in the eye of Gong Dao.


If she can get a role in director Gong’s next film, it is not impossible for her to become famous overnight. After waiting for the assistant to leave, Ning Xiaoyu was finally able to enjoy the food.


[love system:…]


Yesterday, she was drugged. In front of him, so big a movie star, she could do nothing but eat and drink. What’s more, now she just received an olive branch from director Gong, and it’s not clear whether she can play a role.


What else can it ask for? Just hope the host catches up.

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Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ning Xiaoyu, an 18th Line star, participated in a variety show, she happened to meet a popular actor who was taking a nap in the lounge. The man leaned against the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, his long legs stretched freely. The afternoon sun shines through the glass windows and falls on him unscrupulously. His profile face was illuminated by the morning light, so handsome that he did not look like a real person. When Ning Xiaoyu was about to politely back away, a line of characters suddenly appeared in front of her [ Girl, do you want to be popular? Want to enjoy the sensation of being in the limelight? As long as you get the favor of the actor, you can have all of this. At the moment, the actor is resting in the room, you can; A: steal a kiss from the actor B: secretly take a photo of the actor’s handsome sleeping posture C: accompany the actor tenderly for ten minutes ] Ning Xiaoyu waited for a while and found that she had to choose an option. After that, she reluctantly chose the letter C option. The love system was so excited that it rubbed its hands together: Come on, girl! Then it watched Ning Xiaoyu sit down beside the actor, took out the melon seeds that she carried with her, and began knocking melon seeds. The love system that is waiting for the sugar hit: Something seems not right? ? ?


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