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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 20

Be the standard for the appearance of female guests? I would strongly object. That’s just too noticeable.


Most of the time, Ning Xiaoyu thinks that this love system is most likely placed in the wrong host. Instead of lazy individuals like her, it is appropriate for celebrities who are self-driven, want to be well-known and are keen to speak about sweet love.


After seeing these options, the idea in her heart became more and more obvious. For the sake of TV programs.


Ning Xiaoyu couldn’t help but suggest, “why don’t we get together?”


In any case, a happy ending is guaranteed if the two sides can part ways amicably. She had to convert all of her love value into actual money before they were able to get together and part ways.


[the love system heard Ning Xiaoyu’s idea of breaking up, and immediately said angrily: girl, you can’t get rid of me!]


Ning Xiaoyu:


It seems that she can’t get rid of the love system for the time being. Ning Xiaoyu looked at the three options again and made a choice.


“It’s still early now.” She said to the director and left the friend’s cabin.


It has been more than a week since She last went to the hospital to see her father. Since her father became a vegetable state, Ning Xiaoyu always went to the hospital on time.


This time, the time was postponed, and she couldn’t wait to see her father. Ning Xiaoyu didn’t care about the number of shots, and the director simply let her go, so she took a taxi and left smoothly.


While several of the other guests were interested in where she went, none of them bothered to address the question because there was no one around to seize the camera.


Ning Yuwei wanted to say, but unfortunately, no one asked. No one cooperates, so naturally, she can only put the answer into her stomach.


When Ning Xiaoyu arrived at the hospital, it was around 10 a.m. In the ward, Ning Fu’s condition was almost the same as before, his eyes closed tightly, and she didn’t know when he would wake up.


The doctor always responds the same way when she asks when her father will wake up.


The same answer she gets was ‘” maybe shortly or It could take a very long time.” Like previously, she sat down next to Ning Fu and shared details of her day.


“Actually, Dad, when I last visited, I wanted to inform you that recently… I stumbled across an odd situation. My pace of life has been entirely disturbed by strange happenings. I am not fully aware, whether it is good or bad.” This strange thing naturally refers to the matter of binding with the love system.


Hearing this, the love system hurriedly said, “girl, of course, it’s a good thing!”


Ning Xiaoyu didn’t take care of the love system and continued, “Don’t worry, we haven’t had any dispute even though Ning Yuwei and each other every day….” at least, we haven’t been forced on the surface.


“I met her at a birthday party the day before yesterday, but we had no intention of greeting each other.”


“I’ve had a good time recently, and the audience likes me very much. My fans have increased a lot.”


“Seven years, Dad.”


“I hated you and her before. How could this have occurred in the most critical part of my life? But now, I just want you to wake up, I’m really tired…”


Without these changes, Ning Xiaoyu would still be studying at the top universities in China. Unfortunately, as she said before, there is no if in the world. So now, she is a 16-tier star, and she will only be a 16-tier star.


Ning Xiaoyu paused for a moment and just wanted to continue. At this time, she saw the middle-aged man lying on the hospital bed suddenly shed a drop of crystal tears at the corners of his eyes.


Tears slid down his thin face and into the pillowcase, leaving only a string of wet marks. Ning Xiaoyu saw it with sharp eyes. By instinct, she rang the bell beside the hospital bed for the first time.


The doctor came soon. Ning Xiaoyu said the situation just now. After the doctor examined Ning Fu, a real smile appeared on his face.


“This is a good thing. It shows that the patient gradually begins to react to the outside world. If you are free, come to accompany your father more. It’s impossible to say that he will suddenly wake up one day.”


For the past seven years, no matter what Ning Xiaoyu said, Ning Fu didn’t react at all. But today he began to respond.


Was he sad just now?


So, is this the function of the love system?


Ning Xiaoyu went to the mall on her way back to The TV show’s cabin and bought herself some clothes.


The value of love has been emptied, and it has been used to exchange for real money. Most of her money was used to pay fees, leaving only a few thousand yuan for daily expenses.


As soon as Ning Xiaoyu returned to the cabin, she met a large army who came back from the seaside to change clothes.


As soon as Shen Yue saw her, she hurriedly trotted a few steps, leaned over, and said, “Xiaoyu, are you back?”




Shen Yue smiled brightly, “What timing. Let’s return to our room and get dressed. After changing, the guests can travel to the beach and independently attend the bonfire celebration before 5 o’clock, according to the director.”


During the day, guests dress more ordinarily. Naturally, they must take care of it once again when they join the bonfire celebration that evening.


Ning Xiaoyu and Shen Yue heard a lot of gossip from Shen Yue’s lips during the day, including the visitor playing the game of “you pushing me, I pushing you,” as they returned to their room together.


Ning Yuwei was incredibly shrewd. She wore hot pants and small suspenders. Male guests were hesitant to initiate conversation when they first saw her. Ning Yuwei conquered the male guests one by one.


Ning Xiaoyu intently listened. She had nothing to learn and no questions to ask. The love system goes to great lengths to enlighten her.


[girl, no matter how careful you are, guests will always accidentally touch some parts of their opponents… So the film emperor simply didn’t come on stage and abstained directly. Ning Yuwei was unhappy at that time, hehe.]


Ning Yuwei didn’t dress like that for other male guests. Xu Cheng is at most a popular spare tire for her. Her only real goal is Lu Jingdu.


But Lu Jingdu would rather abstain directly than cooperate. In this way, it’s strange that Ning Yuwei can be happy. It happened that Ning Xiaoyu came to the door of her room at this time. Shen Yue said with a smile.


“Xiao Yu, wait a moment, you change your clothes straight away.”


Ning Xiaoyu nodded. She entered the room and began to change clothes. Other female guests may spend one or two hours to do change. In Ning Xiaoyu’s case, it can be done in five minutes.


The love system knew that Ning Xiaoyu chose B in the morning. So, what kind of clothes will Ning Xiaoyu choose to highlight her features?


Seriously, the love system can’t wait. It looked expectantly at Ning Xiaoyu, and then It fell into silence.

Start doubting life again.


Can the phrase “highlight advantages” be used from an unexpected perspective? As a result, its host’s way of thinking is constantly so novel! Why, oh why?


The pajamas that Ning Xiaoyu planned to wear featured conjoined animals. The small dinosaur style of this year’s conjoined animal pajamas is extremely well-liked and has become totally unpredictable.


The one-piece pajamas are cute and loved by many people. Merchants have launched many styles.

When Ning Xiaoyu was in the mall in the afternoon, she didn’t buy a popular style but bought a pajama with a salted fish shape.


The whole dress is blue, and the hat is like a salted fish head Style, other places are ordinary, but the salty fish head, two round fish eyes, a lot of white eyes, stupid and silly, looks a little cute.


After Ning Xiaoyu dressed, she put her hands into the pockets of her pajamas and said, “it will be a little cold by the sea at night. This is just right.”


Don’t say, this COTTON PAJAMA is really comfortable to wear. It’s much better to wear than those tightly wrapped dresses.


[love system: No… no, your… B, B option is…]


Ning Xiaoyu asked, “Is it not better if I wear it like this when I’m emphasizing its advantages?” The love system is distorted by the unusual host.


[love system:… It seems to be highlighted.] Highlights her salty… After all, she put the whole salty fish on her body!


Ning Xiaoyu continued to ask, “can’t it attract the attention of the movie emperor?”


[love system: that… Should also be possible.] So special, how can it not attract?


Ning Xiaoyu shrugged, “so I dress strictly according to option B.”


[love system: HMM… it seems reasonable for you to say so.]


Ning Xiaoyu put her hands in her pockets and wore a salted fish head hat on her head. Few staff members recognized her along the way.


However, their eyes were tacitly attached to her dress. That salty fish head is really interesting. It is the soul of the whole pajama.


After they saw it, they had only one idea in their hearts, that is, they also want to buy it! Ning Xiaoyu arrived at the seaside neither early nor late. After her, there was only one Shen Yue who hadn’t come yet. As soon as she arrived, she attracted the attention of many guests.


Xi Rui laughed directly, “Xiaoyu, your clothes are really good. Where did you buy them?”


“Shopping malls.”


Xi Rui laughed happily, “I like it. I want to buy one later.”


[hahaha, this Pajama is really suitable for Xiaoyu!]


[I have the same model, I’m proud! That I bought it.]


[I didn’t expect the series to be updated again. Really, as a fan, you can never guess what Xiaoyu will do next! (super loud)]


[this salted fish head is really WL.]


[Xiaoyu really stands out among a group of stars!]


[9 lives, salted fish becomes essence, and turns into human form! Dog head.Jpg]


Ning Yuwei is wearing a black sequined fishtail skirt. This valuable fishtail skirt initially attracted many female guests to ask about the price.


However, Ning Xiaoyu seems so silly because of her casual attire. It’s similar to how at Ning Xiaoyu’s house, the users she cares about, the number of admirers she cares about, and the various performance she cares about are all irrelevant.


Ning Xiaoyu! This time, she remembered! Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t care what Ning Yuwei thinks at all. She just wants to dress comfortably.


Coincidentally, this set of salted fish pajamas has a first-class sense of use and is cost-effective, cheap, and easy to wear.


Soon, it was 5:30, the guests arrived, and the bonfire had been lit. But before dancing around the campfire, what guests need to do is to fill their stomachs.


Tonight, the program team prepares a set of barbecue tools for guests, who can barbecue by themselves. Of course, in addition to barbecue tools, there are also various baking tools. Guests can choose what they want to eat.


Mujiajia said with a smile, “I like barbecue best.”

Xu Cheng volunteered, “I’m not hungry yet. Why don’t I give you a barbecue? It’s my honor to serve you.”


Ling Zige also followed, “I’ll come too. My friends say I have a special talent for baking.”


Yan said with a smile, “To barbeque for guests is not a simple task? There’s just you! Getting free laborers is great!”All the guests laughed.


Of course, it is also possible for other guests to bake by themselves. After all, the barbecue rack is large enough for four or five people to use at the same time.


Ning Xiaoyu is carefully choosing the ingredients to bake later. Sweet potatoes is a must. Two strings of eggplant, three strings of gluten, and one string of Flammulina mushroom.


When she was still choosing carefully, the voice of the love system sounded in her ear on time. Sure enough, there is no shortage of love system in this lively place.


[girls, guests, and true love fans don’t know. The movie king doesn’t like barbecue. He would rather be hungry than eat more barbecue. But a person’s habits can’t be unchanging. Maybe, who can he make an exception for tonight? To avoid the movie king being hungry, you can——


A: Use baking tools to make a sweet Qifeng cake for the movie emperor.


B: Bake something for the movie Emperor himself.


C: Prepare an edible item for the movie emperor that will make him memorable!]


[girl, if you want to catch a man’s heart, you must first catch his stomach! Lean on the food, and step closer to him! I believe you can!]


Which eye of yours thinks I can?


Oh, Ning Xiaoyu suddenly thought that the love system has no eyes. After Ning Xiaoyu selected the ingredients, he began to make choices.


The task is bound to be done. Today, Ning Xiaoyu saw Ning Fu’s hope of waking up with that drop of tears.


However, she doesn’t want to make the love system too proud, so that the love system won’t be complacent and the whole system will float.


She glanced at the three options and soon knew what she was going to do.

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Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ning Xiaoyu, an 18th Line star, participated in a variety show, she happened to meet a popular actor who was taking a nap in the lounge. The man leaned against the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, his long legs stretched freely. The afternoon sun shines through the glass windows and falls on him unscrupulously. His profile face was illuminated by the morning light, so handsome that he did not look like a real person. When Ning Xiaoyu was about to politely back away, a line of characters suddenly appeared in front of her [ Girl, do you want to be popular? Want to enjoy the sensation of being in the limelight? As long as you get the favor of the actor, you can have all of this. At the moment, the actor is resting in the room, you can; A: steal a kiss from the actor B: secretly take a photo of the actor’s handsome sleeping posture C: accompany the actor tenderly for ten minutes ] Ning Xiaoyu waited for a while and found that she had to choose an option. After that, she reluctantly chose the letter C option. The love system was so excited that it rubbed its hands together: Come on, girl! Then it watched Ning Xiaoyu sit down beside the actor, took out the melon seeds that she carried with her, and began knocking melon seeds. The love system that is waiting for the sugar hit: Something seems not right? ? ?


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