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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 23

Fishing requires patience. As it happens, Ning Xiaoyu needs the patience most. After she threw the fishing rod out, she left it alone.


Ning Xiaoyu didn’t know where she moved a stool. She sat comfortably on the stool, holding the fishing rod with her right hand, waiting for the fish to bite herself. If the fish don’t bite


There’s no way. But for Ning Xiaoyu, it doesn’t matter whether he can catch fish or not. What matters is the process of waiting for the fish to bite. In this process, she can fish openly.


Yes, the last point is what attracts her to fish. Ning Xiaoyu is basking in the sun while waiting for the fish to bite. She doesn’t care whether this activity can attract movie stars or not. Anyway, she still likes it.


So, while other guests chatted and played mobile games online, Ning Xiaoyu leisurely fished by the lake in the park. Because Ning Xiaoyu is too unreasonable, the audience is more and more curious about her.


As for mu Jiajia, who is sleeping on the grass, the audience is not much concerned.


[fishing HHH! It’s really Xiaoyu’s style!]


[Xiaoyu: I wish the fish would take the bait later and let me sit for a while.]


[Xiaoyu: one kick with two hands, no one loves.]


[this is really Jiang Taigong fishing. Those who wish to take the bait.]


The audience has seen the patient, but never the patient as Ning Xiaoyu. For a moment, passers-by addicted to eating melons and gossip poured into her live studio.


[attracted by the name.]


Mu Jiajia is lying on the grass. The grass is wet and soft, and the grass is lush. In fact, it’s uncomfortable to lie down. She is used to lying in her comfortable and soft bed, and can’t sleep at all here.


She doesn’t know how Ning Xiaoyu fell asleep in such a place. She can’t lie down for a minute!


[I bet for an hour on how long she will only catch a small fish.]


[I bet She can’t catch it]


[unable to catch 1.]


The audience said that Ning Xiaoyu couldn’t catch fish, but they didn’t think there were no fish in the lake. In fact, there are many elderly fishermen who often fish here, otherwise, Ning Xiaoyu can’t borrow a fishing rod.


In order to increase their interest, the park will put some fry and small fish in the lake at regular intervals. There is a lot of fish in the lake, but……..


It is clear that Ning Xiaoyu is indeed not a good fisherman. She still carries herself so casually, They doubt she can catch any fish.


Also too sluggish to lay down on the grass was Mu Jiajia. In close proximity to Ning Xiaoyu, she joined Ning Yuwei and watched her go fishing.


Ning Yuwei smiled sweetly, “teacher Ning, do you think you can catch fish?”


Ning Xiaoyu said, “No.”


Ning Xiaoyu is so honest that Ning Yuwei can’t answer. Mu Jiajia just went to the grass and lay angry.


She deliberately said, “teacher Ning is too modest. Teacher Ning is so patient, how can she not catch fish?”


[love system: win! This is definitely a win!]


Ning Xiaoyu: “Tong’er, your vocabulary has increased again.”


[love system shy face: update the database every day.]


Ning Xiaoyu gave a faint reminder, “but it’s not so useful to win and kill, and it’s not suitable to use it here. You should continue to study hard, Tong’er.”


[love system:…]


Facts have proved that netizens guessed right. Ning Xiaoyu did not catch any fish. However, she didn’t give Ning Yuwei and Mu Jiajia a chance to see the play, because she caught The movie king.


Twenty minutes later, Lu Jingdu, who had just finished a chess game, also joined the fishing army slowly with a fishing rod, bait, and stool. Both of their fishing rods have fallen into the water, waiting to catch fish.


Mujiajia looked incredulous, “why did the movie emperor start fishing?”


Ning Yuwei firmly bit her lip. She was queried by Mu Jiajia, “How does she know?” Do you know that she also enjoyed fishing?


More people began to pay attention to Ning Xiaoyu as soon as Lu Jingdu joined the fishing positions. Even the neighborhood’s retired fishermen gathered together.


“I didn’t expect that young people like fishing so much these days.”


“There are not many young people who can settle down to fish now.”


“Little girl, don’t you think fishing is boring?”


Hearing that she was called, Ning Xiaoyu shook her head, “not boring.”


A fish friend smiled, “how old is the little girl?”


These retired fish friends do not pay attention to the entertainment industry, and naturally do not know Ning Xiaoyu.


Ning Xiaoyu replied, “25.”


The old man smiled, “25 years old, do you have a date?”


Ning Xiaoyu knows that some old people like to gossip about some emotional things when they are old. If there is no object, it’s impossible for them to introduce you someone.


They don’t have any bad intentions, but they are bored and find work for themselves. However, the person introduced is expected to be a little distressed.

She just wanted to answer no, at this time, the love system that has been quietly eating melons suddenly made a sound, [girl, after the old man asked your age, he is going to introduce his son, but you and that group of people are doomed to no results, at this time, you can——


A: Take out the name of the movie king.


B: Make it clear that you already have someone you like in your heart, so you are destined to disappoint this old man.


C: Hold the hand of the movie king and show your attitude with action!]


Ning Xiaoyu gazed at her phone with the attitude of a grandpa on the metro when she saw these three choices.


Ning Xiaoyu : What are these?


[love system: Rush duck, girl, strangle the old man’s idea in the bud!]


As soon as the voice of the love system fell, the old man really said, “I have an unsuccessful son in my family. He just returned from studying in country m last year and is currently working as a researcher in a scientific research institute. Do you think you can leave a contact information and have a chat first?”


All the guests present, except Ning Xiaoyu himself, were stunned. Ning Xiaoyu knew it well when love system arranged the task.


At this time, Shen Yue, who just came to find Ning Xiaoyu, couldn’t help gossiping, “old man, are you… Watching Xiaoyu?”


The old man touched his chin. “This little girl has a good temper and patience. She is very good.”


With that, the old man looked expectantly at Ning Xiaoyu, waiting for her answer. Ning Xiaoyu’s eyes drifted through the three options.


She really couldn’t choose a good answer, so she had to give up the option directly. She simply refused, “sorry, I just want to do business now.”


Hearing this answer, the old man was sorry, but he could understand though. “It’s good to do business.” With that, the old man left with his hands behind his back, and did not bother.


The love system said faintly, “girl, you just gave up your choice and will be punished.” Woo woo, the host simply refused the old man.


He was unrelated to the movie emperor in the film. He didn’t disparage sugar. He’s quite angry right now. Ning Xiaoyu was locked up in a little black house the following instant.


Fortunately, she would be aware that she is entering a small, pitch-black space, preventing the other guests from witnessing the huge transformation being performed live.


However, after being locked up in a small black house, Ning Xiaoyu felt a little wrong Let’s not talk about her current environment, let’s say her vision, how can it be so low?


Did she dress up as a child? But according to the love system, you want to eat sugar Character, how can she play a child?


Ning Xiaoyu didn’t understand at first, but after she got the script, she soon knew why. Because what she got this time turned out to be a fantasy script.


The female protagonist is a cat. Because good luck was picked up by the villains and fed by the villains every day, it was successful. If there were no villains, the lazy and untalented kitten like the hostess would probably be hopeless in this life.


It turns out… This is the sweet script that the love system said before. Although Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t know where the plot is sweet, since the love system says sweet, then sweet.


She is now acting in the first episode, which also means that the heroine can’t be transformed into a human body, but can only exist as a prototype.


Only when “the heroine is successfully picked up by the villains”, the first episode is finished.


Ning Xiaoyu couldn’t help thinking, isn’t it easy? Lu Jingdu should also get the script and directly pick her up. Can’t they leave the little black room? But she soon learned that things were not that simple.



It turned out that Lu Jingdu had no script this time, and she couldn’t spit out words, but “meow meow meow”.


Two people are doomed to be unable to communicate. Forget it, tired, lie down, don’t want to work hard.


The forest is so big, and the cat has only four small short legs. How can you find the villain and successfully touch the porcelain?


In that case, Ning Xiaoyu simply lay down in peace of mind. When she was in human form, she was lazy every day, occasionally basking in the sun and eating melon seeds. After becoming a cat, she spread it directly into a cat cake.


It’s such a feeling to be a cat. Like, not bad? Ning Xiaoyu, who thought so, felt at ease with her four claws facing the sky, revealing her plush belly.


Cat’s paws are pink and soft. She closed her eyes comfortably, and her long, fluffy tail swung behind her. It was so small, don’t mention enjoying it.


Secretly observe the love system that wants to knock candy at the first time. Seeing this behind the scenes, they fell into silence again.


Why did it choose this script?! Because this script has a high degree of freedom and only roughly defines a framework.


In its vision, in order to rub delicious and delicious food, the female owner will sell cute in all kinds of ways, while the plush villain will take advantage of Rua cat.


One is cute and the other is cute; One wants to touch porcelain, and the other wants to pick up cats. They are a perfect match.


He can’t wait to see the picture of the villain Rua cat! However, its idea was defeated at the beginning! Because! Ning Xiaoyu always doesn’t play cards according to the routine! She spread it directly into a cat cake!


Touch porcelain?




“Meow meow” keep screaming?


Does not exist.


The cat cake didn’t move, except for the small tail that couldn’t stop shaking behind her, which showed the good mood of the owner.


Cat cake is not in a hurry to leave the little dark room, but to enjoy the cat cake stall. Her big tail swayed and swayed. Later, she was probably sleepy, and the frequency of tail swaying was much lower.


Ning Xiaoyu didn’t notice how long the time passed. Even, she had already slept for a while and was ready to sleep for a second time.


But at this time, someone wrapped her whole cat in a coat, and then gently lifted her up.

Cat opened her eyes dissatisfied. The next second, she looked at Lu Jingdu with her eyes down.


Lu Jingdu scratched cat’s chin casually across his coat. The next second, it indicates that the plot is completed, and the cat is successfully picked up by the villain. The two people have left the small dark room one after another.


[love system: girl, although your operation was coquettish at the beginning, it was still sweet in the end! The movie emperor scratched Kitty’s chin across his coat, but rounded to one Next, it’s equivalent to no coat.]


Ning Xiaoyu, “Can rounding really be so helpful? ”


[love system: of course.]


However, the movie king didn’t get the script, why did he choose to pick up the cat? Is it because he saw the shadow of Ning Xiaoyu on the cat?


The love system doesn’t know, it inadvertently the truth. When Ning Xiaoyu blinked again, two minutes passed in reality, and her old God was waiting for the fish to bite, and no one around talked to her.


Ning Xiaoyu began to be lazy again. She can’t help it. Just now she was shut up in a small black room and made a cat for a while. It’s really comfortable to spread it directly into Cat cakes.


She’s not used to being a person all of a sudden. After the afternoon trip to the park, the guests returned to the friends’ cabin.


Other guests played games all afternoon, while Ning Xiaoyu fished all afternoon. Although the last fish was not caught, fishing time is always pleasant.


A group of guests had dinner together. Just after dinner, Ning Xiaoyu didn’t have time to put down his chopsticks. Mu Jiajia, who had finished dinner earlier than her, lay on the sofa while touching her stomach.


Mujiajia said, “after eating, lie down and rest for a while.”


[hahahaha, is mu Jiajia taken astray?]


[is it distorted or imitated?]


[obviously being taken astray? Some people are so lazy every day, it’s normal to be affected, okay?]


[it’s obvious that Mu Jiajia envies Xiaoyu’s popularity, so deliberately imitate it, okay?]

When the audience in the live broadcast room made a heated noise because of Mu Jiajia’s behavior, the love system said with indignation on its face. “girl, who is this person more salty than you!”


Ning Xiaoyu:


Is this still beneficial? and struggle to surpass her in saltiness? Ning Xiaoyu is too lazy to be interested in the concerns of others. As long as Mu Jiajia’s desires do not have an impact on her, they are unrelated to her.


Mu Jiajia’s behavior had little impact on Ning Xiaoyu, but his friend’s cabin was decorated with a lot of salted fish overnight.


Some are pillows and some are headbands. When the program team didn’t assign tasks, Mu Jiajia liked to rest on the sofa with a salted fish pillow. I have to say that her action really attracted many fans.


[salted fish pillow looks great! I’m going to buy it!]


[ah, ah, ah, salted fish hair hoop, I want it too!]


[laughing to death, even the bracelet is salted fish. Jiajia won’t be full of salted fish ornaments, right?]


When mujiajia interacted with the audience, she saw these bullets and said with a smile, “that’s not true.”


[why does Jiajia suddenly have so many salted fish related supplies?]


[does Jiajia like salted fish?]


Mujiajia nodded and smiled brightly, “yes, I like it very much. I think this fish with dead fish eyes is very interesting. Don’t you like it?” Mujiajia’s audience was very supportive.


[we like it too!]


Mu Jiajia didn’t deliberately avoid Ning Xiaoyu when interacting with the audience. Even, she deliberately let Ning Xiaoyu hear it.


Who stipulates that only small fishing fires can be preferred? Isn’t it just making salted fish? She can too! Hearing her envious talk, the love system felt a little unbearable.


[love system: she doesn’t like it at all! She’s lying!]


Ning Xiaoyu, who has just eaten enough, is ready to go back to her house. She is too lazy to care about others.

However, just as she was about to return to the room, her ear again sounded the angry scream of a primary school chicken in the love system, [girl, Mu Jiajia should be saltier than you! You must be saltier than her! Let the imitator have nothing The ground admits itself and automatically gives up imitation. You can——


A: Tell her to wash and sleep, and inadvertently, exude a big guy style.


B: Tell her that you only speak for yourself and will not be easily surpassed by imitators!


C: Sell miserably with fans in the live broadcast room, let your true love fans fight for you, and scold Mu Jiajia bloody!]


Ning Xiaoyu saw these elementary school chicken fighting general options: It’s really the love system.


It happened that Mu Jiajia, who was lying on the sofa, called Ning Xiaoyu and said, “Xiaoyu, do you want to lie down? There are several salted fish pillows I just bought. If you like, do you want one?”


[love system: obviously she deliberately imitates you, but she is as arrogant as the originator! Isn’t she following you in many behaviors, girl!]


Ning Xiaoyu shrugged. She really didn’t care about Mu Jiajia, but mu Jiajia was provoked in front of her, and she was not a soft persimmon.


She walked up to Mu Jiajia and said coldly, “wash and sleep.”


Love system:!!! Sure enough, its host can still stand up! Ning Xiaoyu went to the bathroom on the first floor and filled half of the foot washing bucket with half hot water and half cold water.


Then, she walked to Mu Jiajia with a heavy foot washing bucket and put down the foot washing bucket with a bang. Finally, she began to run comfortably in front of Mu Jiajia!


Mu Jiajia, who almost met Ning Xiaoyu’s feet:


Primary school chicken love system: girl, well done!


Onlookers in the live broadcast room: sure enough, Ning Xiaoyu is the only salted fish king!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ning Xiaoyu, an 18th Line star, participated in a variety show, she happened to meet a popular actor who was taking a nap in the lounge. The man leaned against the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, his long legs stretched freely. The afternoon sun shines through the glass windows and falls on him unscrupulously. His profile face was illuminated by the morning light, so handsome that he did not look like a real person. When Ning Xiaoyu was about to politely back away, a line of characters suddenly appeared in front of her [ Girl, do you want to be popular? Want to enjoy the sensation of being in the limelight? As long as you get the favor of the actor, you can have all of this. At the moment, the actor is resting in the room, you can; A: steal a kiss from the actor B: secretly take a photo of the actor’s handsome sleeping posture C: accompany the actor tenderly for ten minutes ] Ning Xiaoyu waited for a while and found that she had to choose an option. After that, she reluctantly chose the letter C option. The love system was so excited that it rubbed its hands together: Come on, girl! Then it watched Ning Xiaoyu sit down beside the actor, took out the melon seeds that she carried with her, and began knocking melon seeds. The love system that is waiting for the sugar hit: Something seems not right? ? ?


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asserting dominance as salted fish king!

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