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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 24

The foot washing bucket is the most common one sold. When Ning Xiaoyu put her feet into the foot washing bucket, some hot water accidentally splashed out of the bucket, and several drops happened to drop onto Mu Jiajia’s Salted Fish pillow.


Mujiajia looked at the salted fish pillow in her arms. For a moment, it wasn’t holding or throwing, and she didn’t think much about it.


She looked at Ning Xiaoyu in disbelief. She unexpectedly started to soak her feet like that. Mujiajia couldn’t help but complain in her heart that you are a female star!


And she is also a female star whose career is on the rise! How dare she starts to soak up her feet in disregard for Mujiajia’s image?


Although Ning Xiaoyu’s skin is white and her feet are small and beautiful, she really doesn’t want to see Ning Xiaoyu soak her feet!


Don’t want to be touched by Ning Xiaoyu’s foot washing water! Mujiajia can’t take this pillow in her arms. She’ll throw it away when she gets back to her room. Mujiajia’s smile abruptly took on a very reluctant expression.


[hahaha, I’m laughing to death. Is it saltier than Xiaoyu? Mu Jiajia is still too young.]


[terrible! Even salted fish are beginning to roll up these days!]


[the inner volume is rolled to the salted fish session!]


[you learn from me? OK, you lie down and I’ll Soak my feet!]


[the king of salted fish deserves to be called the king of salted fish!]


[I’d rather die of salt than die of my colleagues!]


Ning Xiaoyu: salted fish, let me take it.


Winter will begin soon. Once winter begins, the weather will drop rapidly. So Ning Xiaoyu has no problem soaking her feet in this season.


Mujiajia smiled reluctantly, “Why are you… Soaking your feet?”


[because of health preservation!]


[because it’s salty!]


[sisters, the anchor has brought all the red dates, Chinese wolfberry, and pickled feet! What else can there be!]


[why else? There are many advantages to soaking feet.]


Ning Xiaoyu put her hands in her clothes bag, but the answer was very simple: “comfortable.”

After soaking her feet, a person’s entire body warms up, especially in the winter when the temperature is chilly. In the winter, Ning Xiaoyu needs the foot soaking bucket. You are allowed to go without gloves and a hat, but not a foot washing bucket.


After dinner, the guests returned to their rooms, strolled in the small garden, and Ning Xiaoyu ate slowly. Most of the time, she is the last guest to leave the living room.


At the moment, only she and MuJiajia are in the living room. Mujiajia stayed in the living room to get rid of Ning Xiaoyu’s heat, but she is suffering all over now.


Should Ning Xiaoyu’s foot washing water not have splashed on her just now? Thinking of this, she could not sit still. She not only threw away the salted fish pillow but also took a quick bath.


She got up, said, “I’m back to my room” in a hurry, and left without looking back.


[the love system is so excited that it rubs hands: girl, nice work! What you said just now is “wash and sleep”. It’s really a big guy’s style.]


After Mujiajia left, Ning Xiaoyu slowly took out a small orange from her pocket. The program team provides guests with various kinds of milk and fruits every day.


The audience can not always see Ning Xiaoyu from the live room. Therefore, they do not know what Ning Xiaoyu puts in her pocket every day.




[I’m surprised, sisters, I’m really surprised!]


[the star’s pocket is really a Doraemon’s pocket, with everything!]


Ning Xiaoyu explained, “when you soak your feet, you need to supplement water.”  With that, she slowly opened the little orange and ate it slowly.


“I have to say that this sugar orange is really sweet.”Ning Xiaoyu finished a sweet orange in a few bites, and then took out a second one.


[it’s too enjoyable, really too enjoyable.]


[being a man is like Ning Xiaoyu!]


[I see! No wonder Xiaoyu always likes to wear clothes with big pockets!]


[Take what you want from your pocket and learn to hide it.]


After soaking her feet comfortably, Ning Xiaoyu went back to her room to have a rest. At this time, her Emoji bag made by fans began to spread in various small groups.




Eat oranges.jpg


Wash and sleep.jpg


At first, these emoticons were only spread in a small range, but they don’t know which famous blogger accidentally found them, and posted them on his microblog.


When Ning Xiaoyu gets up the next day, wash and sleeps. JPG has become the first hot search.

This expression is absolutely matched with this sentence.


[wash and sleep, haha.]


[it’s also very interesting to bubble. It turns out that this is how female stars bubble their feet.]


[hahaha, the little expression of eating oranges is really cute.]


Ning Xiaoyu received good morning news from Shen Yue in the morning.


Shen Yueyue’s message was simple and rude. “Good morning, Xiaoyu, you’re on the hot search again.”


“So many things happened last night. I would have returned to my room later if I had known!”


“If I didn’t leave so early, I might still be able to eat oranges with you.”


Ning Xiaoyu said good morning to the other side. Because she had a blister, she went to the hot search again. This idea passed in Ning Xiaoyu’s mind for a while, and she forgot it.


When we got to the living room, the guests were almost there. Ning Xiaoyu ordered stewed noodles for herself for breakfast. After that, it was almost time for the director to announce today’s mission.


The director’s face was full of joy. “Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you a piece of good news. Today, our variety show is linked with Hello dad next door, and the guests’ exchange for one day.”


“Guest exchange day?”


“what do you mean?” The twelve guests looked at each other in surprise.


The director explained with a smile, “it means literally. Today the fathers are responsible for chatting and making friends, and you are responsible for taking the children.”


[hahaha, I remember Weiwei likes children very much. In the past, she even thought of the name of her future baby.]


Ah, I’m looking forward to the salted fish bringing my baby


[so what happens when Xiaoyu takes the baby?]


[I’m going to sleep. As for you, wash and sleep. JPG]


[ha ha, ha ha, those upstairs are just learning to use them well.]


[children, don’t argue, eat an orange. JPG]


[kids, do you want to have a foot bath?]


[it’s almost crazy to laugh. Ha ha, hurry up and let the guests bring the baby! Right now! Right now!]


In a short time, the staff brought six children with an average age of four. “There are six children in total, and we have twelve guests. So now, the guests draw lots and divide into pairs.”


The program team has prepared the box for drawing numbers. Ning Xiaoyu went up and drew the number. It was number 3. And her teammate was the guest who drew No. 4.


When Shen Yue got the number, she regretted, “Xiaoyu, this is number 7.”


Xu Cheng is on the 8th. Shen Yueyue and Xu Cheng are not very familiar with each other. This time, they have to run in with each other to take care of the children. It is estimated that today will be very difficult.


At last, Ling Zige got No. 1 and Ning Yuwei got No. 2. They worked together. Xi Rui draws No. 5 and Shi Chao draws No. 6. They form a group.


Shenyue No. 7, Xucheng No. 8. Mu Jiajia got No. 9 and Xue Zheng got No. 10. The other two guests drew numbers 11 and 12.


Finally, there is only one number three left. Draw the number 3, It happened to be the movie star Lu Jingdu.


The love system says sweetly, “girl, this must be a special fate.”


Ning Xiaoyu’s face was suspicious. “You didn’t operate in a dark box?”


The love system immediately said, “of course not! How can I do this? Do you know the ABO setting?”


Although Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t read novels very much, he is somehow mixed in the entertainment circle. Naturally, she has heard about the setting of ABO.


The love system continues to say dreamily, “if the world is ABO, your matching degree must be high.”


In Ning Xiaoyu’s eyes, the love system is a love brain primary school chicken. As the host, she never understood the amorous feelings, so when she heard this, she only gave a faint oh.


The love system has a lot to say, but the host doesn’t cooperate at all. It has no choice but to knock silently.


Children also need to draw lots. The child in the second group is a little girl. She is very cute and has a good personality. She is not naughty or arrogant at this age.


The children’s name is Xiangxiang. The name is simple and easy to remember. After a group of guests is divided into groups, they take the children assigned to their groups to the seaside.


Ning Xiaoyu’s group of three people are not talkative. She is too lazy to talk. Lu Jingdu is rather cold and does not talk much.


Xiangxiang has just changed a new environment and is not familiar with both of them. Compared with the silence of their group, the other groups seem very lively.


Ning Yuwei held a little boy’s hand and smiled sweetly. “Xiaowei, what do you want to eat? Sister will take it for you.”


Mujiajia said to the little girl, “shall we lie in the sun together later?”


The little girl has always been a spoiled little princess at home. When she heard this, she said with a proud face, “I don’t want it.”


Mujiajia was stunned for a moment and said softly, “why not? It’s so comfortable to lie on the beach and bask in the sun.”


This time, the little girl took Mu Jiajia’s words for granted. When a group of guests came to the beach near the friend’s cabin, it was still nine o’clock in the morning.


The sun at this point is not big, and the wind at the seaside is not cold. It is suitable for children to go outside.


Ning Yuwei took milk and fruit from the program team. With milk in her left hand and an apple in her right hand, she smiled and asked Xiaowei, “which one do you want? Or both?”


[ah, ah, Wei Wei is really gentle.]


[sobbing, Weiwei will be good hemp in the future.]


[compared with Wei Wei, Ning Xiaoyu next door is a der!]


Xiao Wei is not greedy. He points to the milk and says with a soft voice, “I want this.”


Ning Yuwei leaned over and handed the milk to Xiaowei. “OK, drink it slowly. Don’t choke.”


Xiaowei nodded. “I see, sister.”


[This scene is too warm.]


[what else can Ning Xiaoyu next door do besides make a fuss?]


[to tell a joke, Ning Xiaoyu in the next room can not only eat but also eat. Compared with her, she always makes Weiwei black.]


The love system said bitterly, “girl, your cheap sister’s fans are all bad-mouthing you!” Ning Xiaoyu gave a cry.


Love system, [this is just the beginning, who knows how many points she will get in the end.]


Guests help to bring children. At the end of the day, children will score the guests who bring them.

The full score is 100.


Children can give any score between 0 and 100. The guest group with the highest score can get gifts prepared by the children in advance. The gift is not valuable, but unique in meaning. Mujiajia made a mistake to the little princess.


“Sisi, why don’t we go fishing in the sea?”The little princess took care of herself digging sand on the beach and ignored her. Mu Jiajia was not very patient.


The little princess was so angry that she had to restrain her impatience and said in a good voice, “then you can play here, and my sister will lie next to you for a while.”


The little princess went in her left ear and out her right ear but did not pay any attention to Mu Jiajia.

Ning Xiaoyu sat down after arriving at the beach. The sea breeze brought a salty smell, and it was a good day.


When Ning Xiaoyu was just about to interact with Xiangxiang, the voice of the love system sounded in her ear.


[girl, the guest who doesn’t want to be the first is not a good guest. Hang up the cheap sister and follow the wind monster, and win first place with the movie star. In the future, you will have more beautiful memories together.


Do you know what gifts Xiangxiang children prepared in advance? This gift is really meaningful, but only the guest group with the highest score can get the gift prepared by all the other children in advance.


I believe you can definitely win the hearts of Xiangxiang children in a short time.


You can——


A: Interact with Xiangxiang to meet all her needs.


B: Enjoy the happy and warm “parent-child time” of the three.


C: Join Xiangxiang in an entertainment activity to quickly shorten the distance between you two.]


Ning Xiaoyu is aware that the love system cannot be altered at the moment. Despite being late, the love system’s duty is completed.


Ning Xiaoyu carefully looked at the three options. It could have been OK, but Ning Xiaoyu thought it was impossible to “meet all her needs”.


What if Xiangxiang puts forward some difficult demands? You know, most children have a lot of ideas, and their ideas are wild.


She just wants to spend the day with children easily, but she doesn’t want to ask for trouble. As for B

That’s even more impossible.


Because option B means that she needs to spend more time and energy breaking into the relationship between the three.


The love system said bitterly that Ning Yuwei’s fans were all boasting that she would be a gentle and patient person in the future, and it didn’t believe it. Its host must be the best!


Whether it is a, B, or C, these three options can be very warm in its imagination. Ning Xiaoyu chose option C without much hesitation.


The love system rubs hands, [girl, so what entertainment activities do you choose to do with Xiangxiang children?]


Ning Xiaoyu didn’t say anything, but the love system soon knew the answer. Its host, unexpectedly, let Xiangxiang’s children dig holes with her!


What kind of entertainment is this?!


Ning Xiaoyu reasoned with the love system, “entertainment is to make people happy, isn’t it? Now, I’m very happy, and Xiangxiang’s friends are also very happy. Isn’t digging a hole an entertainment activity?”


The love system racked its brains for a while, and finally weakly said, “it seems to make sense. It’s worth it!”


Obviously not. It must count somehow. However, the love system’s idea of entertainment includes—without being limited to—male guests running while carrying kids on their backs, female guests singing to kids, and three-person, two-leg activities. In other words, it never once predicted what its host was up to.


On the side, the guests who saw Ning Xiaoyu and Xiang Xiang digging together had different ideas.

Ning Yuwei sneered.


Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t mix with her circle, so she doesn’t know that Xiangxiang is the only daughter of Mr. Huo and will inherit the whole Huo group in the future.


Ning Xiaoyu didn’t hold Huo’s little princess, but let her dig a hole with her! Are you not afraid of Huo’s anger?


Xiangxiang has grown to such a large size that she probably hasn’t dug soil once in her whole life. Mu Jiajia also thinks Ning Xiaoyu is unreasonable.

However, she soon did not bother to think about Ning Xiaoyu. Because there were many coarse grains of sand, she was not comfortable lying on it.


She simply sat up, took out a handful of melon seeds from her pocket, and began to knock them.

Ning Xiaoyu’s fans were angry at this scene.


[is this the imitation of our Xiaoyu]


[no, haven’t you been scared off once before? Why are you here again?]


[are you jealous of our Xiaoyu’s current popularity? What’s a big star?]


Mujiajia’s fans are naturally not willing to lag behind.


[what’s wrong? Only your star can eat melon seeds in the world?]


[melon seeds are so easy to knock, who doesn’t knock?]


[Jiajia’s children are so difficult to get along with. She can only spend her time eating melon seeds.]


The audience in the live broadcast room is noisy. When other guests eat melons, Ning Xiaoyu and Xiangxiang are still digging holes. Moreover, the main force in digging holes is not Ning Xiaoyu, but Xiangxiang. On the way, Lu Jingdu asked if he wanted to help.


Ning Xiaoyu glanced at the options and confirmed that only she and Xiangxiang appeared in the options, and then refused Lu Jingdu’s free labor.


After digging for half an hour, the hole was finally dug. Xiangxiang’s eyes are bright. It’s the first time she’s played like this. It was really interesting for her to play with earth like this for the first time.


She blinked and asked, “sister, then?”




Then, Ning Xiaoyu was lying comfortably in the hole, with only one head exposed. It’s not comfortable to lie directly on the sand, but it’s much more comfortable to dig a hole like this and then lie down.


Ning Xiaoyu didn’t forget to greet Xiangxiang. “There’s still a vacant space on the side. Do you want to lie down?”


Xiangxiang looks at Ning Xiaoyu with bright eyes and finally shakes her head. Seeing Xiangxiang refuse, Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t care. She lies in the pit, her hands casually placed on her side, like a peaceful salted fish.


[again and again, this classic scene, ha ha ha.]


This serene posture is too familiar


[look at the eyes Xiangxiang’s. They are as bright as electric light bulbs. Do you think it’s an eye-opener?]


[laughs to death. It’s probably the first time that the children meet a person like Xiaoyu. They are curious.]


Xiangxiang is really curious about Ning Xiaoyu. So, the sister didn’t take her to dig a hole to play, but to let her lie down?


It has to be said that although Xiangxiang is small, the brain melon seeds turn quickly. At this time, Mu Jiajia next door knocked on melon seeds. The little princess suddenly gave her a look.


And heartless roast, “Why are you lazy and greedy?”


Mu Jiajia, who is suddenly hit by a soul attack:




Xue Zheng who teamed up with Mu Jiajia:


Ning Xiaoyu on the other side naturally did not pay attention to this dialogue.


After lying down for a while, she still felt uncomfortable, so the audience watched helplessly as she took out a brand-new eye mask from her pocket, opened it, put it on, and then lay back peacefully again.


The whole movement takes only a few seconds. The king of salted fish deserves to be called the king of salted fish!


It is estimated that she has learned from the last time when the salted fish lay down. This time, Ning Xiaoyu even brought her own eye mask!

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Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ning Xiaoyu, an 18th Line star, participated in a variety show, she happened to meet a popular actor who was taking a nap in the lounge. The man leaned against the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, his long legs stretched freely. The afternoon sun shines through the glass windows and falls on him unscrupulously. His profile face was illuminated by the morning light, so handsome that he did not look like a real person. When Ning Xiaoyu was about to politely back away, a line of characters suddenly appeared in front of her [ Girl, do you want to be popular? Want to enjoy the sensation of being in the limelight? As long as you get the favor of the actor, you can have all of this. At the moment, the actor is resting in the room, you can; A: steal a kiss from the actor B: secretly take a photo of the actor’s handsome sleeping posture C: accompany the actor tenderly for ten minutes ] Ning Xiaoyu waited for a while and found that she had to choose an option. After that, she reluctantly chose the letter C option. The love system was so excited that it rubbed its hands together: Come on, girl! Then it watched Ning Xiaoyu sit down beside the actor, took out the melon seeds that she carried with her, and began knocking melon seeds. The love system that is waiting for the sugar hit: Something seems not right? ? ?


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