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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 25

After taking out melon seeds, pecans, and other things, Ning Xiaoyu had another steam mask in her pocket. It can be said that she can take out anything she needs. she was lying in the sand cave, in a peaceful posture.


It is clear that the sand cave is scrawled, but Ning Xiaoyu’s expression is quiet, and the blue sea and blue sky in the distance make the audience feel calm. It looks like Xiaoyu is lying comfortably.


[you can take children to play together and dig a hole for lying down and rest. You are worthy of being the king of salted fish!]


[children next door: Why are you lazy and greedy? Xiangxiang: Little experts in digging holes. Xiangxiang is really a little angel!]


[even if Xiangxiang asks Xiaoyu why she is “lazy and greedy”, I think Xiaoyu will admit frankly, dog head. JPG]


Presumably, this is the difference between the followers and the salted fish king Xiangxiang still holds a small shovel for shoveling sand in her hand. She has some small sand grains on her hands and face, which look confused and lovely.


Lu Jingdu handed her a wet towel and motioned her to wipe her face. Xiangxiang then wiped her face casually and then continued to stare at Ning Xiaoyu. He looks like Ning Xiaoyu. It’s a pity that Ning Xiaoyu is addicted to salted fish and can’t extricate herself. She never receives the curious and eager eyes of the children.


Ning Xiaoyu: don’t be infatuated with my sister. She’s just a salted fish. On the other side, several guests were shocked to see Ning Xiaoyu using children as tools.


That’s Mr. Huo’s only daughter! In the future, she will inherit the female president position of the whole Hou group! The program team and “Hello dad” have a dream linkage. Xiangxiang is the most popular of the six children. If she does this, isn’t she afraid of being scolded by her fans? Obviously, Ning Xiaoyu is not afraid at all.


“Sister, I want to be like her!”


Shen Yue laughed and asked, “do you want to dig a hole and lie down?” The children’s heads are like rattles.


Shen Yueyue was very straightforward. “OK, let’s dig!”


Xiao Wei looks like a little adult, polite and introverted. But when he saw the sand hole, his eyes could not help showing a touch of longing. It looks as if it would be comfortable lying down. He looked at Ning Yuwei. Although he didn’t speak, his eyes completely showed his thoughts.


Ning Yuwei’s smile on her face could not be maintained. “Do you want it?”


Xiaowei gave a shy hum. Ning Yuwei subconsciously bites her lips. Digging the sand hole is tiring and dirty. She doesn’t want to be like Ning Xiaoyu.


Her teammate Ling Zige looked at the camera and said with a smile, “OK.”


After a while, other guests also took action. Fortunately, the program team did not lack plastic shovels, and several children quickly started to work.


Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t care about others. She basks in the sun and blows the sea breeze. She doesn’t lie too comfortable. At this time, the voice of the love system sounded in her ear again.


[girl, it is clear that digging sand holes can be an activity for three people, but you deliberately ignore the movie king and leave him alone. Since two guests are taking children together in a group, you must play the role of the movie king and not let him be an outsider!


A: Invite the movie star to lie in the sand cave with you. (sweet honey. JPG)


B: Think of a new game to let Xiangxiang and the movie emperor participate together. (happy. JPG)


C: Stand up and enjoy the happiness of bringing children with the movie star in advance! (happiness. JPG)]


In fact, both options a and B look good. Unfortunately, the hole Ning Xiaoyu and Xiangxiang dug together is not big. After lying down as an adult, it’s barely possible to lie down with Xiangxiang, but it’s absolutely impossible to lie down with Lu Jingdu!


As for C…… Ning Xiaoyu passed him at a glance.


In the end, she had to struggle to choose B.


But is it only a game?


This is actually not difficult for Ning Xiaoyu. After all, Xiangxiang is only a four-year-old child, which is very easy to coax.


In order to save time, Ning Xiaoyu pulled off half of her blindfold and temporarily looked like a pirate Cyclops. Toward Xiangxiang, Lu Jingdu said, “let’s play a game.”


As soon as she heard of the game, Xiangxiang said, “good!”


Lu Jingdu raised his eyebrows slightly and waited patiently for Ning Xiaoyu to follow. The next second, Ning Xiaoyu got up and brought three large cups of yogurt from the dining car not far away. She’s been thinking about yogurt for a long time.


“Let’s play the game of drinking yogurt with a spoon with our eyes closed. See who drinks the best and doesn’t drop a single drop! The one who drinks the fastest and cleanest will be rewarded with a handful of melon seeds.”


[can you still play like this? Hahaha.]


[Xiaoyu, isn’t it fair and aboveboard to seek benefits for himself? Dog head. JPG]


[when the salted fish king comes out, who will compete with him.]


[Who do you bet on? I bet on a small fish]


[Xiaoyu 1]


[all choose Xiaoyu? Let me support little Xiangxiang.]


[unconditionally support my brother!]


[brother go for it!]


Before she was four years old, Xiangxiang had never played this game before. She took yogurt and a spoon from Ning Xiaoyu and waited for her to shout. Once she started, she closed her eyes and ate yogurt!


Seeing that they were all ready, Ning Xiaoyu put on the steam mask again and lay back in the sand cave. During this process, she held the yogurt steadily in her left hand and found a comfortable posture before she said, “close your eyes. Start!”


As soon as Ning Xiaoyu said this, the other two members of her group closed their eyes cooperatively.


[Omg! Omg!, I thought that the movie emperor was already very handsome, but I didn’t expect that the more handsome one was him with his eyes closed.]


[the way my brother closes his eyes is really beautiful, which makes people miss him very much.]


[after the movie star closed his eyes, he felt less distant and more youthful. In particular, after he lost his indifferent eyes, he highlighted the sexy lips on his face, making people miss him very much.]


[it’s too sexy. It’s really too sexy. Thank you Xiaoyu!]


[upstairs, this is the green live room. How can you do this? Well done!]


[hahaha, it’s a friendly army!]


It’s no problem for her to eat with her eyes closed and not to leave things everywhere. After all, she usually eats with her eyes closed when she wants to be lazy.


And one of those things is yogurt. The yogurt on the little spoon will quickly spill into your clothing if you don’t keep an eye on it. It’s challenging to consume it while your eyes are closed.


It’s not the first time Ning Xiaoyu has eaten yogurt like this, so she is familiar with it. It’s the first time that a four-year-old child drinks yogurt with her eyes closed with a spoon. Even if she eats slowly, it’s inevitable that yogurt will fall out.


As for the movie star, like Xiangxiang, he tried to eat with his eyes closed for the first time. To avoid yogurt soiling his clothes, he would deliberately slow down every time. Compared with them, Ning Xiaoyu, who drinks yogurt quickly and cleanly, stands out from the crowd.


[I’m really stupid, really stupid. I just thought Xiaoyu would eat melon seeds quickly, but I didn’t expect that she could drink yogurt so quickly with her eyes closed.]


[so, how many times has Xiaoyu done this at ordinary times How many times do you have to close your eyes and eat to be as proficient as Xiaoyu]


Seeing Xiaoyu taking care of the children, They suddenly felt that taking care of the children was not so terrible.


[No, it’s still terrible. It’s mainly about taking care of people]


[laughs to death. The people next door are almost quarreling. As a result, we have a quiet life here.]


A four-year-old child has a heavy heart for playing. It is easy to dig sand everywhere. No matter how steady and polite Xiaowei is, he is a little friend after all. Once he is not careful, he gets the sand on Ning Yuwei.


Ning Yuwei is wearing the clothes specially designed for her by the designer of Y country. She waited for three months to wait. Today is her first time wearing them.


She got dirty the first time she wore it. How can it not make her angry? However, it was Shen Dong’s youngest son who soiled her clothes. She had no place to get angry. She could only look at Xiao Wei and Ling Zige digging the sand together. Mu Jiajia’s children are very difficult to get along with at a young age.


After saying “Why are you lazy and greedy”, the children gave her another soul blow, “what else can you do besides eat?”


Mujiajia and Ning Xiaoyu have different personalities and behaviors. They both eat and lie down, but they get different responses and results.


[??? What happened to Mu Jiajia’s live studio?]


[really, the child is young, but he points to the key. Mu Jiajia is eating fruit again after knocking melon seeds. She is not wrong. She is really lazy and greedy.]


[Mingming Ning Xiaoyu is also eating. Why don’t the upstairs people say Ning Xiaoyu and specifically say Jiajia?]


[then Xiangxiang doesn’t think Xiaoyu is bad?]


[don’t you see? Mu Jiajia eats and sleeps on her own. We Xiaoyu play and play games together with Xiangxiang. It’s totally different.]


Xiangxiang obviously had a good time The love system is busy eating melons everywhere.

It didn’t expect that its host would do that. Mu Jiajia is cursed by the little princess, but Ning Xiaoyu has a little fan sister. The audience was right. Xiangxiang really had a good time.


Ning Xiaoyu took her to try a game she had never played before. Whether it was digging sand holes or drinking yogurt with her eyes closed, it was the first time in her life. Xiangxiang had a good time. Ning Xiaoyu was also very happy.


She can dig holes and sip yogurt openly and honestly with the aid of the kid. It’s a win-win situation with this wave. Ning Xiaoyu had completely scraped the entire cup of yogurt clean, leaving no waste at all, whereas Xiangxiang and Lu Jingdu only consumed a little amount of the yogurt.


She said, “I’m finished.”


The other two opened their eyes. Xiangxiang’s face was burnt by yogurt. She didn’t eat as much as her face. She kept giggling. Lu Jingdu looked down at the yogurt dripping on his clothes and smiled.


This game may just be in the mind of Ning Xiaoyu. Even though it’s referred to as a game, it’s really for one‟s personal gain. The two participants in the game, on the other hand, had no complaints and even seemed to like it.


Looking at Ning Xiaoyu’s clean yogurt cup, Xiangxiang’s big eyes brightened. But she doesn’t know. It’s not over. The next second, Ning Xiaoyu took out a plastic bag from her pocket and then took out a large handful of melon seeds.


Finally, she put on the steam mask again and lay back in the sand hole again. The audience, as well as the Xiangxiang movie emperor and others, performed a live performance of closing their eyes to eat melon seeds.


[absolutely, really]


[It’s the first time a female star like Xiaoyu has been seen. Ha ha. It is real. I have never seen anyone in quite a while.]


[She can knock melon seeds so fast and so well with my eyes closed. Who else but Xiaoyu? Who else!]


[Have you noticed that every time she knocked the melon seeds, the shell of the melon seeds was put into the bag accurately, and there was no need to do it again.]


[then the question comes. How many times has she done this Even Ning Xiaoyu herself could not answer this question.]


After all, there are so many times that they can’t remember them. In addition to the audience, the children’s dads also watched the live broadcast.


When Shen Dong saw this scene, he said with a smile, “Mr. Huo, your family Xiangxiang is having a good time.”


Mr. Huo said yes. It was the first time he had seen Xiangxiang smile so happily. After they had a good time at the seaside, the guests and six children went back to the friend’s cabin for lunch. But at lunchtime, something new happened.


Most children don’t like eating. They are usually at home. They are either little ancestors or little princesses. Which one is not chased by the elders to feed? Even if they are chased by their elders to feed them, they like to desert when they eat.


They were even less interested in eating after they got to their friend’s cottage. But skipping meals is unhelpful. You can’t leave the kids hungry, guests. Thus, a contest of wits and bravery between the guests and the kids started in order to allow the kids to eat healthily.


Ning Xiaoyu had sushi for lunch. As for Xiangxiang, everything she eats is prepared by Lu Jingdu. At the beginning of the recording of the variety show, Lu Jingdu ate all the food sent by the five-star hotels nearby. Later, slowly, he occasionally dined in the friend’s cabin.


He brought himself a bowl of Yangchun noodles and Xiangxiang a bowl of small wonton. Children don’t eat much. A small bowl of small wonton is enough to eat. Ning Xiaoyu had just picked up chopstick sushi and was ready to have lunch when the sound of the love system making trouble again rang in her ear.


Ning Xiaoyu: “tong’er, so when can you stop making trouble?”


It’s impossible not to do anything. It’s impossible in this life. If she doesn’t do anything, how can she and the movie star have wine and stories? How can they give it sugar? With this in mind, the love system soon released a new task.


[girl, when children are at this age, it is easy for them to dislike eating, do not know how to share, and easily develop selfish habits. But I believe that you will be a good Ma Ma, who will teach children well! Well, now you can try Xiangxiang first! Please feel free to play! Let Little Xiangxiang know that children must eat well and know how to share.]


It was the first time that Ning Xiaoyu received a task without options. This kind of free play topic is naturally easier than the one with options. After all, Ning Xiaoyu can do what she wants and can play it freely.


But she couldn’t help but ask, “must I finish it?”


Love system clenches a fist, [must be completed!]


Let Little Xiangxiang use her cleverness to turn other kids who refuse to eat healthfully into dregs!


Ning Xiaoyu couldn’t help asking, “what if the mission fails?”


Love system, [if the task fails, you will also be punished, but I believe, girl, as long as you are willing to work hard, you will not fail! Come on, duck host!]


Ning Xiaoyu:


The love system poses a problem for Ning Xiaoyu. She’s really impatient when it comes to educating children, you know. especially young kids like Xiangxiang. How can someone who is so lazy as herself educate people so well? However, there will be consequences if the assignment is not finished. There is no way to avoid it. All Ning Xiaoyu can do is hold on.




Little Xiangxiang’s just picked up the spoon to eat the small wonton. Hearing this, she subconsciously looked up at Ning Xiaoyu. “Sister?”


Ning Xiaoyu felt that she must fail in this task. After all, she is really not good at educating children. She didn’t bother to struggle either. Finally, she just said, “children should eat well and know how to share, you know?”


After that, she did not care whether Xiangxiang listened or not, so she prepared to continue to eat lunch. After listening to this sentence, Xiangxiang children looked down at the small wonton in their bowl, as if they were aware of something. Suddenly, She scooped up a small wonton with a spoon, then shook her hands, reached out to Ning Xiaoyu’s mouth, and said, “Sister, eat.”


distinguished guest:!!!




Mr. Huo:


If other guests meet this kind of scene, they may smile and say, “Good girl, but sister doesn’t want to eat. Xiangxiang may consume it on your own.”


But Ning Xiaoyu is not. She happened to like wontons very much, so she opened her mouth and ate this small wonton. After eating, she tasted it carefully and said, “it’s really delicious. Thank you, Xiangxiang.”


A bowl of small wonton costs 3 Friendship coins. Children also pay for what they eat, not for free.

Lu Jingdu paid for Xiangxiang’s lunch at noon. If the small wonton is not so expensive, she will have sushi and a small wonton at noon. Unfortunately, the small wonton is too expensive for her to eat.

With that, she took away the used spoon and replaced it with a new one.


[Full Score for Xiaoyu details!]


[haha, haha, I never expected that other children were chased by guests to feed food, but in this live room, the child is feeding Xiaoyu.]


[I fell one by one with other people, ha ha, ha ha, I really laughed to death.]


So, why is Xiangxiang so good? After Xiangxiang fed Ning Xiaoyu a small wonton, she suddenly understood the happiness of feeding. No wonder adults like to feed children.


She took Ning Xiaoyu’s chopsticks and said, “sister, I’ll do it.”


Ning Xiaoyu was surprised and asked, “why?”


Xiangxiang thought carefully for a while, then said clearly, “Because sister is lazy. So, let’s do it for you.”


[true, really true!]


[laughing to death.]


[even four-year-old children have discovered Xiaoyu’s salty fish nature! So, how salty Xiaoyu is.]


[Xiaoyu is the king of Salty fish. How salty are you]


[after getting along with each other all morning, smart people can basically notice it, hahaha.]


If other guests were said to be lazy by a child, they might have been ashamed and angry at this time!

For example, after the little princess said “Why are you lazy and greedy”, Mu Jiajia has not recovered.


But Ning Xiaoyu is different. The salted fish king has an extremely powerful heart. What’s wrong with laziness? She is really lazy. Xiangxiang is right.


Therefore, Ning Xiaoyu accepted the proposal in a big way. “OK, then I’ll trouble Xiangxiang.”


Then, while other guests were struggling to make the children eat well, Ning Xiaoyu accepted the feeding from the child comfortably. In order to make feeding more convenient for Xiangxiang, Ning Xiaoyu gave her a big spoon and asked her to feed herself with the spoon. It’s easier to use a spoon than chopsticks.


“Xiangxiang, sushi dipped with soy sauce and mustard.”


“There’s too much mustard. I’ll have less next time.”


“Well, I want to eat the caviar first. Do you know which one it is?”


“Yes, Xiangxiang is really smart.”


[crazy call for the salted fish king!]


[the king of salted fish deserves to be called the king of salted fish!]


[if it was me, I might not be able to accept the children’s feeding in peace of mind. No wonder I can’t become the king of salted fish.]


[salted fish king never plays cards according to the routine!]


Ning Xiaoyu happily eats sushi fed by Xiangxiang. Although the children are small, they work very carefully. Maybe Xiangxiang don’t play too much at home, so when she feeds her sushi, Xiangxiang is very dry.


Everything is perfect. The only disadvantage is that she is too thirsty. She eats too much sushi and now she wants to drink water. But Xiangxiang’s next bite of sushi has already been fed. The child is very active in feeding, and she is also very difficult to handle.


At that moment, a glass of boiled water suddenly appeared in front of her. The hand holding the water cup has distinct bones and is white and slender. There is a straw in the water cup for her to drink.


Ning Xiaoyu didn’t respond when she suddenly heard the voice of the love system that was so excited that it broke the sound in her ear. [ah, ah, the movie emperor gave you water! Ah, ah, Xiangxiang is so cute while feeding you, and the movie emperor gave you water. Girl, you made a lot of money today, really!]


Is this the happiness of salted fish? Then this is too happy! As for Lu Jingdu’s giving water to Ning Xiaoyu, Ning Xiaoyu naturally did not make such a fuss as the love system. Anyway, she was Lu Jingdu’s lifesaver.


She has never asked Lu Jingdu too much. It seems that it is not too much for the other party to give her some water. Ning Xiaoyu said thank you. Then she drank water with a straw.


Lu Jingdu nodded. “You’re welcome.”


Compared with her calmness, the audience in the live studio could not calm down.


[shocked! Is this the charm of the salted fish king?]


[laughs to death. If it were me, I might be willing to give Xiaoyu water.]


[but the problem is, he is not an ordinary person, but a movie star! Have you seen him give water to others?]


[I don’t think so.]


[however, the relationship between Lu Jingdu and Xiaoyu is a little complicated. Isn’t there a saving grace in the middle of it?]


[mmm, it seems that it’s all right to think so.]


[My brother has always been a gentleman to ladies]


[It’s just a cup of water. Don’tdive into it further]


When Ning Xiaoyu finished lunch, other guests were busy feeding the children. Ning Yuwei is OK. Xiaowei is not too difficult to control. Besides being a little picky about food, she has no other problems, but the children brought by Mu Jiajia are especially disobedient.


For a while, “I won’t eat this,” for a while, “I won’t eat this,” and for a second, “are you going to poison me?” it’s just that Mujiajia and Xue Zheng have been spoiled.


In contrast, Xiangxiang is really a clever and sensible little angel. After eating and drinking, Ning Xiaoyu sat down in the chair and rested for a while. When she opened her eyes again, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon.


During this period, Xiangxiang has been taking a rest beside her. More than half a day has passed. It’s almost time to send the children to their father. However, the program set a difficult problem for the guests.


They can’t use the car of the program group to send the children to their fathers. As for how to get there, they need to find a way to deliver the children safely and on time. How can they send the children without the program team’s car?


Although the dads are not far from the friend’s cabin and wait at a place 10 kilometers away from them, 10 kilometers is not close. Most of the guests thought of taking a taxi. Unfortunately, my friend’s cabin is a little far from the city center, and all the drivers are unwilling to accept the order.


“What about that?”


“This… The program team has given us a problem!”


Just when other guests looked at each other and didn’t know what to do, the director gave a hint: “if it’s really not possible, you can walk there, just ten kilometers.”


Just ten kilometers?


That’s it?


Can you use these two words for ten kilometers? Obviously, children can’t go that far. If you really walk, the children will need to be carried or held by the guests, which is obviously a great test for the guests’ physical strength.


Ning Yuwei looks at Ling Zige and asks, “what do you think?”


Ling Zige had nothing to do. Finally, he could only say with a helpless face, “if it’s really impossible, let’s go there.”


Ten kilometers, it’s faster to walk, and it doesn’t take much time. Anyway, everyone is the same. They are not the only ones walking. It seems that Mu Jiajia, Xi Rui, and others are probably walking.


He was young and had good physical strength. He walked ten kilometers with Xiaowei in his arms. He felt that there was no problem. Moreover, it should not be difficult for everyone to walk together and stop and go.


Ning Yuwei is obviously not satisfied with this answer. If she wants to walk, she has to change her high heels. But she has no better choice.


While other guests were still hesitating whether to walk there, Ning Xiaoyu had already driven the small three-wheeled bycicle behind the villa. This small three-wheel is usually idle there. I don’t know who put it there. Maybe the owner of the villa.


But that’s not important. The small three wheels look very clean, not very dirty. The sudden sound made by the small three wheels instantly attracted the attention of all the guests. They subconsciously looked in the direction of the sound.


The next second, Ning Xiaoyu jumped down from the seat of the small three wheels, waved to Xiangxiang, and said, “Xiangxiang, let’s sit here.”


Xiangxiang ran to Ning Xiaoyu and asked, “sister, what is this?”


Ning Xiaoyu smiled. “This is a tricycle. Haven’t you taken it?”


Xiangxiang shook her head honestly. “No.”


“Well, it happens that you can try it today.” After that, Ning Xiaoyu carried Xiangxiang to the car body of the small three wheels. Then she climbed up quickly. I have to say that the salted fish and the small three wheels are quite compatible.


Salted fish sitting behind the car body, while sitting, can also blow the wind, which is also a kind of enjoyment. After they both sat in the car, they tacitly looked at Lu Jingdu, who had not come yet.

Obviously, they were all waiting for him.




Lu Jingdu:

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Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ning Xiaoyu, an 18th Line star, participated in a variety show, she happened to meet a popular actor who was taking a nap in the lounge. The man leaned against the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, his long legs stretched freely. The afternoon sun shines through the glass windows and falls on him unscrupulously. His profile face was illuminated by the morning light, so handsome that he did not look like a real person. When Ning Xiaoyu was about to politely back away, a line of characters suddenly appeared in front of her [ Girl, do you want to be popular? Want to enjoy the sensation of being in the limelight? As long as you get the favor of the actor, you can have all of this. At the moment, the actor is resting in the room, you can; A: steal a kiss from the actor B: secretly take a photo of the actor’s handsome sleeping posture C: accompany the actor tenderly for ten minutes ] Ning Xiaoyu waited for a while and found that she had to choose an option. After that, she reluctantly chose the letter C option. The love system was so excited that it rubbed its hands together: Come on, girl! Then it watched Ning Xiaoyu sit down beside the actor, took out the melon seeds that she carried with her, and began knocking melon seeds. The love system that is waiting for the sugar hit: Something seems not right? ? ?


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