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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 34

After the past few days…

It may be said that Ning Xiaoyu is a master at taking promotional photos after her previous try. She was still at the stylist’s mercy after getting to the filming location and walking into the dressing room. Although the stylist is not as chatty as she was the prior time, the workmanship is still excellent.


The modeling process went considerably more quickly this time than it did the previous. The last time, despite the fact that it appeared simple, there were little machines everywhere, and it required a lot of work. Her hair was fixed by the stylist in around an hour or so.


This time, the shape is really simple. The publicity photos of the casual single-machine games do not need to be fancy and noisy but return to the original.


It’s just to relax and let the audience who see this promotional photo know that this game is not liver at all! Real liver protection games, Buddha players are worth supporting!


Ning Xiaoyu’s long hair was dispersed when the advertising images were taken. She appeared to have just woken up. Her short-sighted glasses were on, and her eyes were a bit groggy. She carried out of laziness vibe.


She is wearing a pink cartoon Pajama with fur, a hairband of salted fish on her head, and a recently popular green cabbage in her arms. She was sitting on the bed. The whole body was full of leisure and comfort.


Outside the window, the 90 o’clock sunlight lazily shines in, illuminating the whole room. And the bed looks very warm. It is full of vegetables and fruits that can be produced in various games, and some cute little things, such as cats, raccoons, and dogs.


These small movements are also NPCs in the game, which can help players collect vegetables regularly. The ground is also full of various “wool” fruit toys.


The warm feeling of winter is coming. Publicity photos are taken very quickly. Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t need to adjust her state when taking such lazy photos, nor does she need to find a posture. It’s just good to act in “color”.


So the cameraman clicked a few times and took a picture that filled her. After getting the photos in the later period, the photos were revised, and the game name was added to the photos, as well as the words “true and relaxing, no liver and no krypton, if you don’t believe it, you can try it.”.


The game company is a small company, but the boss is a real rich second generation, not poor in money, and the company is in the rising stage of its business.


They chose Ning Xiaoyu as their spokesperson, not because it was cheap to ask for a spokesperson, but because they saw the potential of future popularity and considered it as a share.


The company has predicted the reaction of netizens after the publicity photos are released. Netizens can respond mediocrely, or they can make a small fire to attract a fraction of Buddhist players.


However, they can also publicize the photos without splashes and no one cares. In general, their expectations are not high, and they attract one player.


However, they never expected that this promotional photo would be directly out of the circle. This is the biggest surprise for the company since its establishment.


[it’s too salty, really salty. I’ll try this salty (idle) game too. (super loud)]


[the company’s spokesperson is good, and she was attracted by the publicity photos.]


[really not krypton or liver? I don’t believe it, so I have to play! Dog head JPG]


[I don’t know why, this promotional photo really poked me. The “wool” velvet pajamas, the “wool” velvet toys, and the “wool” velvet salted fish headdress are absolutely amazing!]


[brother * *, After removing, it’s all done. It’s unpleasant. You won’t be paid for it and can sell it right away when the time comes!]


As for the game, it’s easy to download and play it first. It’s not fun to uninstall it directly. Therefore, the publicity photo was brushed on the hot search website, and the audience attracted by it went to the official website to download the game.


At this time, Ning Xiaoyu, who received the notification from the person in charge of the game side, forwarded the Weibo of TB company and added, “it’s fun.”


Ning Xiaoyu has been upgraded to level 5 and can make furniture. There are many ways to play the game, including planting, breeding and infrastructure.


Players can play as they want. There are various ways to play. It takes no more than three minutes to give diamonds every day. It really saves time and effort.


Netizens poured into Ning Xiaoyu’s Weibo one after another, crying under her Weibo. Suddenly, netizens were acutely aware that the person turned Ning Xiaoyu’s hair around her neck. After they found the person who forwarded it, netizens were shocked.


Lu Jingdu V: downloaded. The game is good.




[This is not right!!!!.]


[stolen number?]


[free publicity?]


[Did my brother play too.]


[even Yingdi said that the game was good. The game must be very good. I rushed!]


Because of Lu Jingdu’s friendly forwarding, the amount of downloads of this leisure vegetable growing game in a short time is amazing.


[does my brother know the boss of the game company?]


[probably don’t know each other.]


[is that to support Ning Xiaoyu so he forwarded it?]


[Tut tut… I don’t know why. I suddenly agree!]


[ah, ah, ah, Xiaoyu’s game promotion photos have all come out. When will the Qingxin promotion photos be released?]


Netizens scratched their livers curiously, but unfortunately, neither of them replied. Ning Xiaoyu was lying in bed, busy playing games.


After forwarding, She didn’t pay attention to what happened on Weibo, but even if she didn’t pay attention, she would know what happened on Weibo the first time.


[love system: ]


Ning Xiaoyu was “obsessed” with growing vegetables, and she said “yes” twice.


[love system Tong face dream: the first time I hit pure sugar, also, Tong Sheng is very happy.]


The next day, when Ning Xiaoyu went to the first floor for breakfast, the guests looked like sourer and sourer.


Ning Xiaoyu knows what they are thinking. It is nothing more than the Weibo forwarded by Lu Jingdu last night. He helped the gameplay a wave of advertisements for free, thinking that there is something fishy between them.


As a matter of fact, apart from the rescue, there was nothing fishy about Lu Jingdu The love system counts by the fingers. The first time was to save a life. The second time, it helped to block the liquor of “medicine”.


The fetters of the CP powder have been deepening. After breakfast, the director announced today’s schedule.


“This time, we went into Jiangnan to experience the local customs of Jiangnan and feel the soft language of Wu Nong. The trip to Jiangnan is tentatively scheduled for three days. Guests will prepare their belongings, fly at 3:00 in the afternoon, and gather in the friends’ hall at 1:00.”


When Ning Xiaoyu went back to her room to pack her luggage, she met Ning Yuwei, who was blocking the door.


Because there is no camera there, and there is no need to bear the burden of being set up in front of fans, Ning Yuwei no longer keeps a decent smile.


Instead, she said with a strange face, “Allow him to forward it to you first. Sister, you don’t appear to quarrel or steal. Surprisingly, the techniques employed behind the scenes are also primarily active.”


Ning Yuwei said as if Ning Xiaoyu had used some shady tricks. Ning Xiaoyu is too lazy to talk to Ning Yuwei.


Ning Yuwei isn’t rage, in Ning Xiaoyu’s perspective. Ning Yuwei feels envious but is unable to get rid of it, to express it in words of the Internet. Her sole addiction is to her mouth. However, the love system can’t bear it.


[You and the movie star were meant for one another, girl. Why would you employ any means? Additionally, if you don’t rob or fight. Salted fish is furious as hell! She’s a strange lady. It’s unbearable for you. Right now, you can—


a: Be mean (girl, aren’t you good at it! Go on! Little mean!)


b: Pretend innocent with the tone of lotus.


c: Rebut, it’s the movie star’s initiative, and it has nothing to do with you.]


In Ning Xiaoyu’s opinion, these three options are all very tea. As a king of salted fish who doesn’t understand the customs, after seeing the AB option, he sent out sincere doubts: “so, what is the difference between Being Mean and Being Pretentious?”


The love system pondered for a while and replied, “both of them cause public indignation among girls. However, being mean tends to be weird, while being pretentious tends to be soft and innocent. It depends on which one the host prefers. However, if the host wants to choose more love tasks in the future, it doesn’t matter.”


Multiple choice? Is it ABC, AB, AC, BC? That’s not okay; making just one decision is difficult enough. several options? Let me just lie down flat.


Ning Xiaoyu immediately rejected the proposal of multiple choice and chose a C option. Whether it’s being mean or being pretentious, it takes effort. It’s unnecessary.


So, her face was paralyzed and her tone was plain and straightforward. “It was Lu Jingdu who took the initiative, and it has nothing to do with me.”


Ning Xiaoyu spoke in a tone of “salty fish can’t get saltier fish”, but what she said made Ning Yuwei instantly change her face.


Ning Yuwei was so angry that she said, “are you showing off to me?”


Ning Xiaoyu continued to paralyze her face. She was too lazy to make any expression, and she directly took out the words of “slag man’s elixir,” whatever you think. ”


She just wants to end this dialogue as soon as possible.


[Why won’t I go back to my room and lie down? Who wants to chat with Ning Yuwei here in the winter? I don’t want to waste my time at all!] Ning Xiaoyu thought.


While Ning Yuwei didn’t respond, Ning Xiaoyu was just about to swipe her card into the door when she saw a familiar figure standing near the corridor.


However, seeing Ning Yuwei talking, the other party did not continue to come but prepared to avoid it. However, from this distance, the other side probably heard what she said just now. Ning Xiaoyu is not embarrassed. After all, she is telling the truth.


The love system is extremely excited [ah, ah, girl, the movie star heard what you said just now. How would he react to it!]


Seeing that he had been found, Lu Jingdu did not turn around to continue to avoid, but nodded in agreement and said, “yes, I took the initiative to forward it, and it has nothing to do with Xiaoyu.”


Lu Jingdu didn’t add this sentence. When he added it, Ning Yuwei felt shaky.


Is this the person in Ning Yuwei’s memory who never takes the initiative to do anything for girls? So even if Lu Jingdu wants to be nice to a person, what step will he take? And others, just wait for him to get close?


When Ning Yuwei didn’t respond, Ning Xiaoyu had already said good night to Lu Jingdu. Then she swiped her card into the door and closed the door. With a bang, Ning Xiaoyu closed the door from the inside. The whole movement lasted no more than three seconds.


Warm big bed, I’m coming!

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Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ning Xiaoyu, an 18th Line star, participated in a variety show, she happened to meet a popular actor who was taking a nap in the lounge. The man leaned against the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, his long legs stretched freely. The afternoon sun shines through the glass windows and falls on him unscrupulously. His profile face was illuminated by the morning light, so handsome that he did not look like a real person. When Ning Xiaoyu was about to politely back away, a line of characters suddenly appeared in front of her [ Girl, do you want to be popular? Want to enjoy the sensation of being in the limelight? As long as you get the favor of the actor, you can have all of this. At the moment, the actor is resting in the room, you can; A: steal a kiss from the actor B: secretly take a photo of the actor’s handsome sleeping posture C: accompany the actor tenderly for ten minutes ] Ning Xiaoyu waited for a while and found that she had to choose an option. After that, she reluctantly chose the letter C option. The love system was so excited that it rubbed its hands together: Come on, girl! Then it watched Ning Xiaoyu sit down beside the actor, took out the melon seeds that she carried with her, and began knocking melon seeds. The love system that is waiting for the sugar hit: Something seems not right? ? ?


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