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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 63 🔒

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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 63 🔒

Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 63 🔒

This is the first time that Ning Xiaoyu has seen the Movie King dressed like this. To be completely honest, when he suddenly emerged, it seemed as though a Korean actor had just entered the scene from a play. [At this time, the background music for snowy days should ring.] [It just happened that it was snowing in Beijing! Black coats, black sweaters, black leather shoes, and the standard configuration of Korean drama men have all been provided! With the heavy snow, the romantic atmosphere is directly filled!] After a while, other guests also came. At the sight of the movie star who changed his style directly, all the guests were slightly shocked. Otherwise, how can they claim that Lu Jingdu is the movie star? In general, even if ordinary people change into different costumes, they still feel that they are the same person, and their temperament will not change much. People wouldn't feel wise nor desire to talk loudly as a result of it. The movie star, however, differs. Although Lu Jingdu is still there, a lot has changed in terms of his attitude, appearance, and feelings. The individual is still the same, but things have changed. People want to fan themselves and shout when they see him! Shen Yueyue opened his mouth and said, "Well... now?" Ning Xiaoyu gave a hum. Shen Yueyue then asked carefully, "Where are we going?" Lu Jingdu looks at Ning Xiaoyu and says, "Let's go to sea." "Hmm." [The movie star is branching out!] [I'm used to seeing the indifferent movie star. He suddenly leaves his shell and has become a gentleman. I really can't bear it.] [Sisters, it turns out that the movie star laughs so sweetly! No wonder he has so many fans! I have become a fan too!] On the other hand, Liu Shuyi's group originally planned to go to Xiangdu Mountain to see the snow scenery. When they learned that the other group planned to go to the sea to see the snow scenery, Liu Shuyi also changed his mind. "We'll go to sea, too." Among Ning Yuwei's entourage, Liu Shuyi and Pei Yi went to sea together. So, the two groups set out from the same place and went to the same sea area. Xi Rui pursed her lips. Liu Shuyi had it, and Ning Xiaoyu also had it. She continued to eat melons while thinking about it, "What... cruise?" Lu Jingdu, "Yes." The movie emperor's cruise is not bad. Even when Liu Shuyi's cruise ship was put in front of this cruise ship, it was also slightly inferior. Watching the snow scenery on the sea is also unique. The snowflakes are swirling in a white world. Blowing on the deck is a test of people's will. The cold wind makes my face ache. However, it can only be said that this snow scene is worth it. Looking at the snow on the sea, it seems that romanticism has increased by several points. Lu Jingdu put his hands in the pockets of his black coat and was standing tall. Snowflakes fell on the top of his hair. Soon, he was covered with white snow. He looked back and smiled at Ning Xiaoyu. His beautiful eyes seemed to have their own light. "It's a little cold. Go in." 【???】 [It's a heart beating scene! It must be a heart beating scene!] [I was cruelly pinched!] [Damn! From Cool and indifferent to the gentle male host of Korean dramas, there is no sense of discord!] [Is this the magic of the movie king? I love him all!] A group of people hid on the cruise ship. Unlike outside, it's warm inside the cruise ship. They blow the heat, eat fruit, drink fruit tea, and play cards. Because the live broadcast was on, the guests didn't play too much. It may be that the heat makes people sleepy. Ning Xiaoyu just played two games of cards and was at the salted fish stand. When she woke up, the other four guests were still cheerfully drying their eyes. When she looked at the time, it was almost noon. It's time for lunch. Ning Xiaoyu stood up and asked, "What's for lunch?" "Do you want German food?" This is a fresh and clean youth voice. His voice sounds strange. Ning Xiaoyu subconsciously looks up in the direction of the voice. She thinks she will see an eye-catching staff member. As a result, she sees the movie star in a new costume. Love system, [ah ah ah, changed, changed again! Actor os: I have all the looks you like, so you will never be tired of me! I: exciting, too exciting!] Ning Xiaoyu:??? Different from the gentle male style in the morning Korean drama, the actor not far away, wearing a black jacket and platinum, looks like a male college student, fresh and clean. [Male college student, yyds!] [Who doesn't like male college students? No matter which university they are put in, their looks are at the level of college grass.] [Who can bear this special thing?!! I will ask, who can bear this special thing.] [It seems that Lu Jingdu has never received the campus idol drama since he started his career several years. I was very sorry at first, but I didn't expect to realize my dream in this variety show. It's complete, it's really complete.] [The first time I see my Idol dyeing platinum, he had always black hair. Because He once said he didn't like hair dyeing, he likes black, simple and convenient. I should really like it, so I will dye my hair for him. Brother, I won't take off the powder, I will only bless you and wish you happiness.] [Sobbing, I suddenly feel the urge to cry. I don't know why.] Lu Jingdu puts one hand in his pocket and turns the car key in his right hand. He looks handsome on his open face, with a slightly ruffian smile. "Why? Shall we go now?" Distinguished guests: Love system: Ah ah ah ah! Ning Xiaoyu nodded, "Let's go. I haven't eaten German food yet." Lu Jingdu's smile deepened. His blond hair was more dazzling than the rising sun. "You should have good taste later." Ning Xiaoyu and Lu Jingdu walked ahead, and other guests walked behind. Shen Yue covered her heart with her right hand and made an exaggerated expression, "Is this the sour smell of love?" 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