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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 82

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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 82

Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 82

Lu Jingdu looks at Ning Xiaoyu's expression carefully and finds that she doesn't seem to be joking. He asked, "What do you think?" Ning Xiaoyu thought for a moment and asked, "How long have we been together?" Lu Jingdu doesn't reply, "Do you still remember what you have been doing recently?" Ning Xiaoyu uttered a sigh, crossed his hands, calmly placed them in front of him, and said, "I don't remember. What's wrong?" Lu Jingdu felt a little relaxed when he saw the familiar gesture of salted fish. "It's OK. What do you remember?" Before Ning Xiaoyu could speak, the noisy voice in her ear rang again. The love system boasts, [Girl, isn't it? You lost your memory? You actually lost your memory, and then you forgot your favorite boyfriend?] When she heard this voice again, Ning Xiaoyu did not have the feeling of fear, but two words suddenly appeared in her heart. [Silly white and sweet. It's easy to cheat.] She asked Lu Jingdu aside, "Did you hear anything?" Lu Jingdu put out his hand and gently stuck it on her forehead. "No, wait a minute. I'll call the doctor and your cousin." When Lu Jingdu left, the voice kept whispering in her ear, [Girl, you even forgot me! But it's OK, I'm very strong, I don't care, I'll just cry silently behind the wind! You even forgot about your relatives. I'm behind the ferry, and you forget me. It's normal.] Such a grandiose painting style and exaggerated words, although Ning Xiaoyu doesn't remember what this is, she believes in her own judgment before. It is really silly, white and sweet. Good cheating. She won't believe everything the other person said, but it doesn't matter if she listens a little during the period when she lost her memory. "Are you?" The love system is serious. [Girl, I'm your ruler.] "Oh, Tong, you said just now that he is my favorite boyfriend?" The love system said humbly, "Of course, before coming to the hospital, you just took him to see your father, and then you spent your birthday with him." [He carefully selected a watch worth hundreds of thousands to give to your father. Your father should not be too satisfied!] Ning Xiaoyu's mind flashed countless thoughts. The first is that her father woke up. Today is really her father's birthday. Second, she recalled her feelings when she first met Lu Jingdu. In addition to surprise and appreciation, she did not seem to have too strong feelings. If this unknown thing is true, then she may be a scum girl. Usually, she faked a show of her deep love for the other party and cheated it. Out of a certain sense of debt, when Lu Jingdu came in again, she had a much better attitude toward him. President Ning, "??" What happened here during his absence? Ning Xiaoyu did not fully trust what the Love System had said. She asked Lu Jingdu, "Today, you sent my father a watch?" Lu Jingdu nodded, "Yes." At first, he wanted to say that uncle liked it very much. Since Ning's father was the person who indirectly harmed Ning Xiaoyu, he didn't say this. "Shall we celebrate his birthday together?" "Yes." It's really what they say. They were so close that they celebrated her father's birthday together. Is it true that they are getting married soon? Lu Jingdu sits down beside Ning Xiaoyu and asks, "Do you remember?" Ning Xiaoyu shook his head and didn't say anything systematic. "No, I just remembered a few fragments." After examining Ning Xiaoyu, the doctor concluded that she was temporarily amnesia. "At present, Ning Xiaoyu's memory goes back to one year ago "Maybe it's because I hit my head when I fell down from the second floor. Fortunately, one year's memory will not have much impact. " Ning put er hands on her hips, and his face was a little angry, "confused, really confused!" Who is confused? Except Ning Xiaoyu, everyone present is clear. Lu Jingdu said, "Anyway, let Xiaoyu have a good rest for a few days, and make sure that she is OK except for amnesia." Ning has no opinion on this. President Ning always smiled reluctantly, "Xiaoyu, you may not know me anymore. I'm your cousin and you can trust me." After that, he said to Lu Jingdu, "I have some things to deal with, so you take care of my cousin first." "Good." When they talked, they did not deliberately avoid Ning Xiaoyu. Ning Xiaoyu looks thoughtful after hearing this. It seems that Lu Jingdu has been recognized by her cheap cousin. After the doctor and Mr. Ning left, Lu Jingdu sat down next to Ning Xiaoyu again, "Do you want to eat something?" Ning Xiaoyu didn't eat much at the table. He was really hungry at this point, "Yes." "Do you want to eat small wonton?" "Yes." Seeing Ning Xiaoyu's cooperation, Lu Jingdu chuckles. Soon, the small wonton was delivered. Ning Xiaoyu was about to sit up and eat by herself when a transparent frame suddenly appeared in front of her. [Girl, this kind of injured person needs to be coaxed and spoiled by others. It's natural to be a coquettish little master. At this time, you can A: Open your mouth and wait. B: Use gestures, eyes, or other gestures to suggest that your boyfriend is actively feeding you. C: Simply say, "You feed me".] After reading the three options, Ning Xiaoyu feels It's a little complicated at the moment. "Have you ever released tasks to me like this before?" The love system is busy Afraid of Ning Xiaoyu's direct strike, the love system continued to say, [Maiden, you and he are about to get married, you forget, so you don't know that you are all straight girls of steel in front of others. Only in front of your dear ones can you show the shy side of a little woman. If you don't believe you can choose an option at random, do you see whether Lu Jingdu will show surprise?] Ning Xiaoyu's stomach has growled. She didn't think much about it. According to the intuition of salted fish, she chose A simply and neatly. Then she sat up slightly from the hospital bed, crossed her hands in front of her abdomen, and opened her mouth slightly in front of Lu Jingdu, like a salted fish sprinkled with salt, waiting for his feeding. Buy Me a Coffee at  


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