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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 85

After Ning Xiaoyu asked this question, the most excited one in the audience was the love system, whose host never played cards according to the routine.

Most people don’t believe it when they encounter this situation. Even if they vaguely know that they have been cheated, it may just be a dream, and they are afraid that they will break it accidentally. It just wants this dream to exist for a longer time and a longer time. The Love system was afraid that the dream was broken too slowly, so he took the initiative to poke it.

Lu Jingdu knows that Ning Xiaoyu may have misunderstood something. He ponders for two seconds and honestly replies, “Xiaoyu, we have no relationship to disclose.”

There is no love to disclose, in other words, they are not lovers. Then, the hidden love relationship mentioned by the love system will not exist.

Ning Xiaoyu was surprised, but not at all. On the one hand, Lu Jingdu is better than most of her boyfriends. The relationship between them is really confusing for her.

On the other hand, the so-called system is so powerful that she generally believes only half of what it says. Sure enough, the patient and meticulous “boyfriend” made people degenerate, and she actually missed the days when she came to open her mouth with clothes.

That should be the ideal life of the salted fish king. But if it’s not——

When Ning Xiaoyu thought so, Lu Jingdu said again, “But before you lost your memory, I was chasing you.”

He went to Ning Fu’s sanatorium to give birthday gifts and celebrate his birthday together. It should have been obvious, right?

Ning Xiaoyu:???

“So can I have the honor to pursue you?”

Love system, [Wuwuwu. Although the fake relationship between the two has been broken, it seems that this kind of sincere emotion is also very easy to knock.]

Probably, this is the turn of the mountain. It may be because of the love of feeding and washing in the hospital. Ning Xiaoyu doesn’t hate Lu Jingdu’s pursuit. She nodded lazily, “Whatever you want.”

Lu Jingdu smiled, “That’s great.”

After they talked, the love system was sad and sweet.


Ning Xiaoyu, “Shut up.”

The love system pricks fingers wrongly, [I used to do it for you.]

Ning Xiaoyu said, “Don’t teach me how to do things, understand?”

Love system, […]

The previous host is back. However, there is still something different. At the end of today’s play, when they went back to the hotel to have a rest, Ning Xiaoyu received a call from Cheap Cousin.

“Xiaoyu, I heard that you have been discharged from the hospital and went to the studio. Yesterday I was busy with Ning Yuwei’s business and didn’t go to see you. Are you well enough?”

Ning Xiaoyu said, “It’s all right. Thank you for your concern.”

“That’s good. I just called to tell you that Ning Yuwei has a serious case and will be sentenced to more than 10 years in prison.”

Speaking of Ning Yuwei, they fell silent. It never occurred to anyone that Ning Yuwei would be so distraught that she would kill Ning Xiaoyu. In the final analysis, Ning Xiaoyu has never been sorry to Ning Yuwei, nor to Ms. Zhang. It is their greed that harms them.

“If your father says something to you, don’t care. ”

“Huh?” Ning Xiaoyu frowned slightly, “What will he tell me?”

Ning Xiaoyu just thought so, and President Ning’s mobile phone was stolen by Ning Fu. However, in the past few days, Ning’s father’s voice grew old and his spirit and spirit disappeared.

He carefully said, “Xiaoyu, if your sister goes in, her life will be ruined.”

“This time, it was really her fault. Dad, please, can you… ”

“I promise she won’t hurt you again. ” Hearing each other’s voices, Xiaoyu’s forehead is protruding.

The grim images flashed through her mind. On her father’s birthday, Ning Yuwei’s face was dazzling, smiling like a winner, and when she went to the balcony to have a hair dryer after dinner, Ning Yuwei’s proud piercing voice.

The Memory lost because of injury returns little by little. Ning Xiaoyu covers her swollen forehead and suddenly laughs. She laughed so loudly that she burst into tears.


Ning Xiaoyu still had tears of laughter on her face, but she suddenly became completely calm, “Dad, this is the last time I call you that.”

“If I had known today, I would not have been so eager for you to wake up.”

If he doesn’t wake up, she can still deceive herself and feel that she still has a father’s love. If she is not bound to the love system, he cannot wake up.

Ning Fu knew that he had chilled the eldest daughter’s heart. But in the years when he became a vegetable, his real conscious time was not long ago. He did not experience the pain and sufferings deeply enough.

He once loved Ms. Zhang deeply, so he also loved her favorite little daughter. He couldn’t watch Ning Yuwei go in and do nothing.

“Xiaoyu, I’m sorry. The palm and the back of the hand are all meat, and Dad is also very embarrassed…”

Ning Xiaoyu looks up at the starry sky outside the window. The sky is eternal, silent, and inclusive. She saw the new shoots sprouting out of the window and realized that the cold winter had indeed passed.

Spring has long come. It is also time for her to bid farewell to the past and welcome a new future.

Ning Xiaoyu kept looking up at the starry sky and said, “Because of you, I used to be afraid of love. I was afraid of going your way and having nothing at the end. But now, I want to understand that I am not you, and I cannot be you.”

“I am different from you. Your failure is no longer my shackle.”

“Ning Yuwei’s case depends on the law.”

“In the future, I will deposit your pension into your account on time every month. As for more, I am also very embarrassed.”

She directly responded to Ning Fugang’s sentence, “It’s also very difficult”.

After saying that, Ning Xiaoyu hung up the phone decisively. She suddenly felt very funny. Why did she trap herself because of Ning Fu’s failure before?

She and Ning Fu are very different people. Why should she stop herself from pursuing happiness because of a person with a failed life? Seeing that Ning Xiaoyu had figured it out, the love system gave a long breath.

Its host is really not the same kind of person as Ning Fu. Xiaoyu’s Father is selfish and cowardly. He is desperate for love. He is a pure love brain.

But its host, regardless of salt, is actually alive and clear. When it is time to make a decision, it will never be sloppy. The next day, while on the set, Lu Jingdu felt that Ning Xiaoyu had changed.

The change is not in appearance, but in—— State of mind.

Lu Jingdu smiled, “Is something good happening?”

Ning Xiaoyu shrugged, “Yes.”

Lu Jingdu is a little interested, “Oh? What good thing?”

Ning Xiaoyu put her hands behind him and said, “At the beginning of spring, everything is recovering and life is thriving. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Isn’t it a good thing that she unties the shackles and completely says goodbye to her past self? Lu Jingdu supported his chin with one hand.

“It’s really a good thing.”

The days of filming go by quickly. In The Rise and Fall of the Empress, the Empress’s feelings have finally made more than a little progress. Today, Ning Xiaoyu is going to make a scene in which the empress prepares the birthday ceremony for Emperor Jing.

The queen put her chin on her hands and asked the lady in waiting lazily, “What will I prepare for the ceremony?”

The palace maid covered her mouth and smiled, “As long as you prepare it, the emperor will love it.”

The queen yawned, “What time is it?”

“It’s time to have a rest.”

The queen was surprised. “Is it so late?”

At this time, another palace maid came over with a wooden basin containing hot water, “Empress, let your maidservant wait on you to wash your feet.”

The queen gave a lazy hum and then put her feet down. “Hiss.”

This is Ning Xiaoyu’s subconscious response. This season, the water temperature is too hot.

The director was just about to say “Cut”. At this moment, Emperor Jingdi, who was already at the door, took two steps forward and said in a deep voice, “Let me come.”

The maids in the palace looked at each other. Isn’t this plot in the script? When they saw that the director didn’t shout cut, they were stunned for a few seconds and then fell to their knees. In an instant, the whole room was full of maids.

The Emperor sent cold water to the wooden basin, “What’s the temperature now?”

Ning Xiaoyu looked down at him, “It’s just right, now.”

Seeing the emperor washing the empress’s feet in person, the eunuch exclaimed in surprise, “Your Majesty…”

“Leave now!”

“Yes, your highness.” The crowd bowed their eyebrows and eyes and left one by one.

Ning Xiaoyu pursed her lips, then smiled lazily and said jokingly, “The emperor is more diligent than the palace maids.”

Jingdi washed her feet and wiped them with a towel beside her. “Naughty.”


The director laughed, “You two are in the play now.”

The subsequent dialogue was freely played by them. But look at the finished product, the effect is pretty good. Both of them behaved naturally. The director didn’t believe that they had no relationship.

Ning Xiaoyu didn’t speak. She was being harassed by the magic voice of the love system. [Girl, this is not only the emperor washing the feet for the empress but also the movie star washing the feet for you! Excuse me, how do you feel now?]

Ning Xiaoyu yawned, “Don’t you feel what I said just now?”

[He serves more attentively than others, that’s all?]

Lu Jingdu is really more diligent than those palace maids. Of course, there are still some other feelings, but it is not necessary to tell the noisy love system one by one about the small details. When Ning Xiaoyu was drinking water to rest, Li Le bit her lower lip and asked.

“Is Ms. Ning with Mr. Lu?”

If we were not together, how could the movie star just….

Ning Xiaoyu glanced at her. “Not yet.”

Li Le bit ers lower lip, “OK, I see.” With that, Li Le turned and left.

After the experience of Ning Yuwei, the love system has become somewhat alarmed. [Girl, she won’t be bad, will she?]

Ning Xiaoyu thought for a few seconds and then said, “No.”

Li Le is really a bit cautious, but she is also a smart person, so she won’t do anything to ruin her future. She is different from Ning Yuwei. Ning Yuwei once faced a huge mountain, but in the end, she could not inherit anything, so she was psychologically unbalanced, and regarded as a thorn in the side.

However, Li Le’s career is on the rise, and there is no irreconcilable contradiction with her. Lu Jingdu has never given her hope.

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Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

Salted Fish Become Viral After Ignoring the Love System!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ning Xiaoyu, an 18th Line star, participated in a variety show, she happened to meet a popular actor who was taking a nap in the lounge. The man leaned against the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, his long legs stretched freely. The afternoon sun shines through the glass windows and falls on him unscrupulously. His profile face was illuminated by the morning light, so handsome that he did not look like a real person. When Ning Xiaoyu was about to politely back away, a line of characters suddenly appeared in front of her [ Girl, do you want to be popular? Want to enjoy the sensation of being in the limelight? As long as you get the favor of the actor, you can have all of this. At the moment, the actor is resting in the room, you can; A: steal a kiss from the actor B: secretly take a photo of the actor’s handsome sleeping posture C: accompany the actor tenderly for ten minutes ] Ning Xiaoyu waited for a while and found that she had to choose an option. After that, she reluctantly chose the letter C option. The love system was so excited that it rubbed its hands together: Come on, girl! Then it watched Ning Xiaoyu sit down beside the actor, took out the melon seeds that she carried with her, and began knocking melon seeds. The love system that is waiting for the sugar hit: Something seems not right? ? ?


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