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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 94

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Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 94

Salted Fish Become viral after ignoring the Love System! Chapter 94

Since she decided to go to the concert, Ning Xiaoyu also dressed herself up. Once a little casual dress has become a luxury customization, the skirt perfectly fits her figure. The sneakers that used to be worn for convenience have become high-heeled shoes with glittering sequins. She curls her long hair with a curling stick to create a lazy and casual style. Ning Xiaoyu chooses a matching bag. Just as she is going out, she receives a call from President Ning. President Ning first asked her about her recent situation and knew that she had recently played in Country Y and was in a good mood before he continued to say. "Ning Yuwei refused to accept the verdict of the first trial and decided to appeal. At present, the second trial is still pending." President Ning added, "However, there is a high probability that the original judgment will be upheld in the second instance." Ning Xiaoyu said he knew. In her opinion, Ning Yuwei is just procrastinating and dying, but she can't change the outcome. "Is there anything else?" President Ning sighed for a long time, "Too much has happened recently. Your father's mood fluctuates too much. He's not feeling well these days. Are you free recently?" Ning Xiaoyu said lightly, "No, I'm still on vacation and won't return to China in the near future." Hearing Ning Xiaoyu's answer, Ning was not surprised. He knew that Ning's father had completely pushed away the eldest daughter. He said that Ning's father was really unclear. If Ning Xiaoyu's father had not been a vegetable for the past few years, he would have never known where he was reincarnated. As a result, for the sake of a little girl without conscience, he completely chilled the eldest daughter's heart. He picked up sesame and lost watermelon. Ning will never interfere with Ning Xiaoyu's practice. If he is Ning Xiaoyu, he will be angry with Ning's father. "Well, you can have fun outside." "Hmm." After hanging up the phone, Ning Xiaoyu remitted 100000 yuan to Ning Fu's bank card account. This money is regarded as a nutrition expense. As for the others, there is none. And there will be none. When Ning Xiaoyu went out, he saw Lu Jingdu, who was also well-dressed. He rolled up his shirt to reveal the delicate dial on his wrist. Lu Jingdu doesn't wear a watch every day, but today, he brings a man's watch to match his clothes. The two complement each other, making his already uncommon temperament rise to a height that ordinary people can hardly reach. The love system said sweetly. [Go to the concert today, even if it's your informal date!] In fact, whether it was swimming or surfing for two, it was also a date, but the first two times were not formal. Why is this date still informal? Because they have not yet defined the relationship between their boyfriend and girlfriend, it is not a formal date. Before going to the concert, Ning Xiaoyu couldn't help asking her curious questions. "Is it the singer from country Y who holds the concert today?" "No." Ning Xiaoyu said casually, "Those who can hold a world tour concert in Country Y should be famous domestic singers." Lu Jingdu pondered for two seconds and replied, "It's the top current." If another girl was here, she would jump with excitement when she heard the news. Unfortunately, Ning Xiaoyu, who has never paid attention to the performance of domestic singers, is here at the moment. Hearing the news, she gave a very quiet response, "Are you on good terms with him?" Lu Jingdu sighs. Usually, Lu Jingdu doesn't talk about his friends. Ning Xiaoyu asked more questions, "So, are we going to take the VIP seat today?" Lu Jingdu smiled slowly, "Of course." Ning Xiaoyu said that it was a top-flow concert, so the scene would be very lively. But Lung Jingdu retorted that they can take a VIP seat If she want to sit down, she can also calm down. Ning Xiaoyu doesn't like too noisy environment. Most of the time, she likes to lie down quietly by herself. Today the two of them traveled by bike. They bought a bike after they got there. Lu Jingdu rode the bike, and Ning Xiaoyu sat in the back seat. Ning Xiaoyu is still guessing who is the top performer today, untill they arrived to their destination. She thought that the scene was full of people, but in fact, the venue where several large-scale concerts had been held was empty. But how could this happen? Ning Xiaoyu couldn't help asking Lu Jingdu beside him, "Did you remember the time wrong?" Lu Jingdu, "No." With that, Lu Jingdu quickly walked to the stage. With a light bang, the lights in the venue were turned on, and the originally dim venue suddenly shone brightly. A light shines on Lu Jingdu, making him more dazzling. Ning Xiaoyu found a microphone on the stage. "Today, I'm very glad that Ms. Ning Xiaoyu came to my concert." Ning Xiaoyu:??? She seemed to realize something Lu Jingdu's number of fans and popularity are really top-class. As for the relationship Of course, he has a good relationship with himself. Speaking of the VIP seats She is the only audience in the audience, so she can naturally sit in the position with the best angle of view she likes. The love system has become incoherent. [Girl, this is a special concert held by the movie star for you. How can he be so good, how can he be so good!] The love system circulates endlessly. No wonder the movie star said today that he would take Ning Xiaoyu to the concert. There was no one else but them! Ning Xiaoyu didn't expect this. Speaking of it, it seems that she hasn't heard Lu Jingdu sing. At this time, the speech on the stage continued. Lu Jingdu's deep and sexy voice echoed in the empty space, but it didn't seem noisy at all, just sounded very good. "This is my first time holding a special concert, so there may be many shortcomings. Please forgive me, Miss Ning Xiaoyu." Ning Xiaoyu finds a comfortable place to sit down and looks at Lu Jingdu on the stage. Different from other concerts, at this moment, there is no noisy voice, no crowded crowd, only gorgeous lights, and people who are more dazzling than the lights on the stage. Lu Jingdu holds the microphone in his hand and looks down at Ning Xiaoyu on the stage. A slight smile rises from the corner of his eyes. "Since it is a special concert, naturally everything depends on the needs of the audience. Now, which song does Miss Ning Xiaoyu want to order first?" Ning Xiaoyu really doesn't know much about songs, and even there are few songs with complete titles in her head. She couldn't help asking, "Can you sing?" Lu Jingdu on the stage pondered for two seconds, "Almost all the songs that are familiar to us." However, Ning Xiaoyu did not understand even the familiar songs. The love system has long known the state of Ning Xiaoyu. It immediately issued a love task, allowing Ning Xiaoyu to choose. [Girl, the movie star specially held a concert for you to sing for you. It's too sweet. You should order a sweet song and dance to meet the occasion. At this time, you can—— A: A Love So Beautiful B: 123 I love you C: I love you] Ning Xiaoyu looks at these three options with a salted fish face. So, are there really these three songs in the music library? Even if there is, these three songs. Buy Me a Coffee at


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