The (DaNovel) is not a DMCA compliant website. We (DaNovel) are not on U.S. territory, and we (DaNovel) are not obligated to comply with U.S. copyright laws.

If you would like to send us a DMCA notice, please leave the following on our email 

Please provide the following information for us to take action on the notice if the following information were to be proven to be true.

-Copy of electronic document to prove the identity of the right holder

-Address and email address of the right holder’s residence for contact

-The URL of the post you believe has been violated

-Copies of court judgments or government records proving that the right holder owns the work

-Declaration that if the notice is false, you will be punished for perjury

-If the agent is exercising rights on behalf of the right holder, these documents must be submitted additionally.

-Copies of electronic documents to prove the identity of the agent

-Representative’s contact information

-Power of attorney certifying that the right holder has been entrusted with the exercise of the rights to the work

-All documents submitted must be notarized to a notary public. In particular, when a representative sends a DMCA notice on its behalf, it may be rejected if the power of attorney is not a notarized document.

Please note that Online works only complies to DMCA depending on the Law of where the website resides. Do not present Copyright infringement unless the work said is published NOT ONLINE under a Legal and Accredited Publisher possessing the document of Copyright Holding. Note that if the work was published through ONLINE means, please consider to send the following document said above for confirmation and DaNovel will take proper action.

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