The following written list are the policies of DaNovel:

-DaNovel translation team dedicate time and effort to translate Asian novels directly to your device.

-Efforts of the translators are paid through the coins bought from the readers, coins obtained free and used for purchase will not be taken in consideration as a payment for the translators. This include free coins obtained from login, free visit and other available free obtained coins hook.

-For all the transactions there would be a 70-30 cut wherein the translator gets 70% while the 30% is for the website maintenance. This is applied for all the gift bundle and coin purchase by the readers.

-Translators own Ko-fi will not be touched by the admin, meaning to say donations given by the readers on translators own Ko-fi will all be the translators own money.

-Following the content standard of Google, all the mature content will be behind payment or password protection. Content containing sexual intercourse, violence, gore, drugs and etc. will not be available in public unless it is behind paywall or password.

-Revenue from ads will only be from Google AdSense, others ads revenue is for the website maintenance and server payment.

Other information or complain please contact me on nokinagi@gmail.com


-To be able to provide quality content and translation with the effort of the team to all the readers of DaNovel.


-We envisioned a friendly translation team in which to provide entertainment to the readers with the Translations presented by the team.


-The main goal of the translation team is to become a known team for the translations provided.

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