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Want to pursue your passion of writing at the same time have money? You can apply now to our DaNovel group. 

Note: The earnings is about 5$ a month if daily views is about 1k-2k daily. Most income of the Authors comes from Ko-fi or patreon. You can also integrate your own monthly subscription through your own patreon on which can give you more income.


Recruitment Form

If you have interest in translating Asian Novels, we are accepting Korean/Japanese/Chinese translators. MTLer are also welcome!

Note for MTLer and translators: Your work will be personally reviewed by the admin. If your work is purely MTL or done poorly, it will be rejected. It will only be accepted until the story is acceptable and flow of the story can be read. For grammar, there is an editor dedicated.

Payment is same about the Authors but generally, translators has more traffic so payment is higher.


Recruitment Form

Your support is what keep us going!

Donate to support. Don't forget to state which translator you are supporting and which novel!

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