Don’t be attracted to me

Don’t be attracted to me

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Synopsis Don’t be attracted to me

Yue Qianling has been in love with Gu Xun for a long time and finally got the courage to confess when he was about to graduate.

There are countless girls who like Gu Xun in school, but Gu Xun was most impressed with Yue Qianling.

When she confessed to him, Gu Xun restrained his impatience in his eyes and said with sympathy: Sorry, I don’t like you and will never like you.

It rained heavily that day, it seems that the rain comforted her broken heart.

Yue Qianling returned to the dormitory and logged in to the game. In order to soothe her heart, she angrily took 18 people’s heads, but after that, she couldn’t help herself crying.

Her cold partner rarely takes the initiative to care about her emotions: What’s the matter with you?

Yue Qianling: woo woo, I got rejected.

The partner’s hand paused slightly, thought for a moment, turned back with a smile, and said to his little friend: I’ll treat you to dinner tonight.

Roommate: What’s the big event?

On the other side, the teammate comforting Yue Qianling: Who doesn’t have eyes and refuses our little cute player?

Yue Qianling: The grass in our school is the one surnamed Gu. Sobbing.

Gu Xun, who just decided to treat her thought: My beloved teammate was rejected by me every day? Do I still have the hope of online love?

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