I became an Heroine

I became an Heroine

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Synopsis I became an Heroine

Jiang Yao almost died when she gave birth to her third child, but she woke up at the moment of life and death. She lived in a novel and was in the control group of a pair of Heroine CPs. It is the villain who specifically contrasts and sets off the protagonist. In this book, the protagonists with the good fortune of being the main characters are Fu Qing’s eldest brother Fu Feng and sister-in-law Su Yang. Only now did Jiang Yao know that she could not marry her lover, Fu Qing, even having three sons, and finally got a terminal illness and ended up tragically. After the awakening, Jiang Yao used metaphysics in the novel to open up another life.
* The Heroine attended a press conference and instantly became the focus. Netizen: Who is the Woman dressed as a lucky cat? Jiang Yao: Life overcomes cats and eats fish. Jiang Yao became the protagonist of the conference. *
*Big star Su Yang took part in the marriage show with the president’s husband. Netizens took out magnifying glasses: look at Jiang Yao and Fu Qing coming out. Sweet to death, can the director cut this pair of a couple more?
Jiang Yao: I never eat sweets. My life is already sweet
A reporter interviewed Jiang Yao:
Miss Jiang, are you still going to have your 4th child? Jiang Yao said without hesitation, “yes, this year.” As a result, a small steamed bun came and knocked on the door at night, “Mommy, what did you say on TV during the day? Daddy asked you for it now!”


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